Monthly Archives: October 2010

He gets to cum

After 27 days I finally let him cum although it was a very bitter sweet event for him. Mostly bitter!

After a full day of serving me I strapped him down onto the bed with his thighs and ankles wide apart; wrists above his head. During the next hour and a half, I edged him around ten times. Between edging I used my ruler on the stiff little object till it was red all over. I used Deep Heat embrocation cream twice. The last 40 minutes were spent with me laying next to him on the bed, reading the paper, while his poor stiff object was hooked up to my electricity machine. I listened to his whimpering and occasionally looked up from my paper to tweak up the power or shift to a new programme on the little box. He was feeling very sorry for himself at the end and I had had a delightful time. To finish, I edged him four or five times and then gave him permission to cum as I pumped away. The result certainly proved how much he needed it! Then it was straight back into his restraint.

He’s been locked up 17 days now

He is so, so desperate. I shower when I get home from work and then don a mini skirt and crop top or skin tight trousers and a tight top, and always some very high heeled shoes. He groans when he sees me and I always put on a little show – crossing and recrossing my legs, pushing my arse out in his direction, etc. etc.

I have to be licked to orgasm of course. He stays locked up. Not touched or considered. Its not time yet!

He fetches and carries responding to my every whim. He really wants to keep me happy with him. He tells me I do not understand just how much his craving for relief distresses him. I tell him that I think I do, but it does not matter anyway because I love making him suffer. Its a lovely turn-on.

Which is the best embrocation cream?

I use Deep Heat as part of my dickie-discipline regime. It causes constant whimpering for around ten minutes and then it appears it subsides. (I love the whimpering- it makes me hot!!). Does anyone know whether Ralgex, or Tiger Balm would be better? And I think there is something called Icy Jack in the states. Can that be bought in the UK? I am planning to use embrocation patches soon on his naughty little object. I am not sure which make to purchase.

He’s been locked up for 10 days now

While he is so desperate, I had him give me a lovely orgasm to send me off to my sweet dreams last night. No mention of, or touching his naughty bits in any way.

As we lay next to each other, him padlocked into his tube through his frenum piercing, I simply told him to give me an orgasm to send me to sleep. I wonder what he was thinking as I moved straight from post orgasmic reverie to sleep, and he no doubt lay there awake and frustrated.

Nettles will be gone soon

Its that time of year when the stinging nettles will soon wither to nothing. I will be making sure I get the most from the remaining time they are available. Bitch-boy tells me that its not just the pain of the sting when they are applied, it is also that the discomfort can last for four or five hours afterwards. How wonderful!

I love having him bound and helpless with legs wide apart and after manipulating him to full hardness (which consdiering his denial is very easy) I then stroke and whip the offending object for a few minutes with a lovely nettle stem covered in large leaves causing lots of whimpering and pleading. Further manipulation follows and then further stroking and whipping. With this game, I always have to take a short break to satisfy my own arousal, before returning my attention to him.

adult sized baby’s feeder cup

Another great purchase from the web; An adult sized baby’s feeder cup from I bought the yellow one and to my exacting standards had bitch-boy paint little flowers and hearts on it with ceramic paint. When he is forced to be a little girl or baby he drinks from the cup which is filled with three parts water to one part my nectar. And a wet nappy always means a harsh dose of the wooden paddle!

A big dollie for your ‘little girl’

If you enjoy enforced infantilism as I do then you might wish for your ‘little girl’ to have to carry around, cuddle and talk to a very big dollie. There is a fantastic doll for under £30 on the TOYS-R-US website . My poor bitch-boy simply dies with shame when she is included in his humiliation. The size of the doll shrinks him to near little girl stature! The doll is called Disney Princess 93cm Snow White Doll