Petticoat Discipline Quarterly (which is updated monthly). A great free site for real life accounts of enforced petticoating to subjugate the male. Do not miss the past issues and archive sections listed towards the bottom of thehome page.

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  1. Amanda says:

    real life accounts? pull the other one! it’s just guys getting off on telling tale stories

  2. I must admit the last couple of months’ entries have been a bit below par. However the archives are full of true gems. I can confirm that Bunny Maid & Mistress Susan, and Maid Penelope & Mistress Lesley are both 100% real, for instance, and both make frequent entries. In addition, sometimes a subby male’s fantasies produce some lovely humiliating ideas that I can use on bitch-boy.

  3. alice char says:

    As a fully unuformed, obedient, hard-working housemaid to my very strict ex-wife, I would be interested to hear other accounts of hapless males forced into a life of endless drudgery. I have been given special permission from my Mistress to take a brief rest from my chores to make this grovelling request. Yours submisssively, maid alicedrudge.

  4. yessi says:

    hola soy criada sumisa transformada siissy para mi esposa quisiera relacioanrme con alguien similar

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