12 thoughts on “Petticoated.com

  1. I must admit the last couple of months’ entries have been a bit below par. However the archives are full of true gems. I can confirm that Bunny Maid & Mistress Susan, and Maid Penelope & Mistress Lesley are both 100% real, for instance, and both make frequent entries. In addition, sometimes a subby male’s fantasies produce some lovely humiliating ideas that I can use on bitch-boy.

  2. As a fully unuformed, obedient, hard-working housemaid to my very strict ex-wife, I would be interested to hear other accounts of hapless males forced into a life of endless drudgery. I have been given special permission from my Mistress to take a brief rest from my chores to make this grovelling request. Yours submisssively, maid alicedrudge.

    1. I’d love the hear more about your life of service, Alice. I am a voluntary “maid” to my wife, but only allowed to wear frilly bloomers and pretty frilly aprons, otherwise male on the surface. But it doesn’t stop me trying to do the housework! Can we connect in some way?

  3. And no longer free since the change of hands it’s a monry spinning site now 0ast issues 0ay for.. clothes sites at high prices and nothing like it used to be. Pitiful

  4. The December 2019 has a generous helping of letters. Lets not be too harsh on the site, she can only work with the letters she receives, not matter whether fact or fiction. I enjoy hearing about both fantasy and reality

    1. Yes, which is why I have retained the link. But I am sad now there are far too many letters about sissy males who want to be petticoated and love being petticoated, suffering no humiliation at all from this. Obviously these letters are not about Female Domination and so may not appeal to truly submissive males who follow my blog.
      The original content used to be with almost all letters being about REAL female domination, and REAL petticoating humiliation and so very many of the things bitch-boy suffers are directly ideas and activities I picked up from the letters of the past.

      (It is the same with the forum. There are a handful of amazing fantastic dominant woman that post there, including radical feminists whose views are exciting indeed, but almost all the males who post want to be petticoated and love being petticoated to their specification, suffering no humiliation at all from it and seemingly many not even submissive.)

      1. Fair comment, Mistress Scarlet. I think the concentration on sissymaids in the website as a desirable end point for men under the thumb of strong women ignores the many drawbacks that a woman might find when associated with such a maid. I think enforced feminisation is such a challenge to the average male, but so likely to gain his full attention and submission….which means a better life for the lady who achieves this.I am one such male who recognises the superiority of the female, I don’t specify my clothing, and in private, enjoy the clothes of the fairer sex, but if ever exposed to the public, would be mortified…

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