Nettles will be gone soon

Its that time of year when the stinging nettles will soon wither to nothing. I will be making sure I get the most from the remaining time they are available. Bitch-boy tells me that its not just the pain of the sting when they are applied, it is also that the discomfort can last for four or five hours afterwards. How wonderful!

I love having him bound and helpless with legs wide apart and after manipulating him to full hardness (which consdiering his denial is very easy) I then stroke and whip the offending object for a few minutes with a lovely nettle stem covered in large leaves causing lots of whimpering and pleading. Further manipulation follows and then further stroking and whipping. With this game, I always have to take a short break to satisfy my own arousal, before returning my attention to him.

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8 Responses to Nettles will be gone soon

  1. one who cant serve says:

    nettles in UK are supposted to be less strong than those here in the US. I touched one once with a naked foot by accident and felt it for SEVERAL days.

    Maybe we need to have some cultivated in UK?

  2. Rita says:

    I have found a that giving his penis a thorough spanking with a ruler before using the nettles really makes him squirm.

  3. Chucky says:

    I am a bit poor so can afford to visit a nettle dome, but I do like to make a nettle pussy out of a cycling water bottle, I will hump it for a while whilst looking at dorms, wish I could find a Dom who would give me specific images to view, I could also serve one Dom forever then. I Then remove my sore penis. I usually come about three times afterwards, in fact I’m gonna make one now.

  4. Mistress Margret says:

    I have my sissy grow nettles in the greenhouse. So I have a constant supply all year round.
    And she has to water feed and look after them knowing the torment they will cause her and the pleasure I have after I have lined her chastity with them and locked in place.
    Have you considered having bitch boy grow some for you?

  5. paulettethetart says:

    I have to admit that I find the lasting tingle afterwards to be irresistible. The only time I’ve ever come in my stainless steel panties (normally totally undefeatable) is when I was locked into them immediately following a serious nettling. The teasing torment going on all over my totally inaccessible Mister Frisky took me over the top in just a few minutes.

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