He gets to cum

After 27 days I finally let him cum although it was a very bitter sweet event for him. Mostly bitter!

After a full day of serving me I strapped him down onto the bed with his thighs and ankles wide apart; wrists above his head. During the next hour and a half, I edged him around ten times. Between edging I used my ruler on the stiff little object till it was red all over. I used Deep Heat embrocation cream twice. The last 40 minutes were spent with me laying next to him on the bed, reading the paper, while his poor stiff object was hooked up to my electricity machine. I listened to his whimpering and occasionally looked up from my paper to tweak up the power or shift to a new programme on the little box. He was feeling very sorry for himself at the end and I had had a delightful time. To finish, I edged him four or five times and then gave him permission to cum as I pumped away. The result certainly proved how much he needed it! Then it was straight back into his restraint.

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5 Responses to He gets to cum

  1. Rita says:

    I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!

  2. Rita says:

    Another way of preventing him enjoying the occasion is to ruin his orgasm. All you have to do is stop pumping as soon as he starts to cum so it just dribbles out, he still gets relief but most of the pleasurable sensation is removed!

    • Actually I already use this technique when I am feeling really, really mean. If he has not cum for two or more weeks::– and when he is all bound and helpless and I imply he is to get a satisying orgasm, and after lots of edging I then I spoil it, he is as disappointed and forlorn as I ever see him. I generally use the threat that his next relief will be spoilt when I want to absolutely ensure his obedience!

  3. Richard Bonder says:

    Love your sharing of info and ideas….

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