Sadism is natural

In the begining I could not accept the word sadist being applied to me. If bitch-boy called me a sadist I would become defensive internally and verbally. A subsequent phase of my development found me accepting internally that I was a sadist but I found I was too inhibited about it to be able to say it out loud. However, I am now completely content to accept and to say I am a sadist. In fact I often tell bitch-boy that, because I am a sadist, the rest of his life will involve very frequent episodes of suffering simply for my pleasure.

I heard this theory on sadism and dominance which really makes sense to me. It goes like this:
Sadism and dominance are natural human traits. (Although few would care to admit it.) 

Firstly, whenever situations like wars and armed conflict arise anywhere in the world, and some people obtain a position of absolute power over other humans, with no apparent chance of retribution or punishment for what they do, the people adopt sadistic behaviour routinely. (not just the Balkan states, Africa, the Nazis and the Japanese – even the British – look at Kenya circa 1949 and the USA – look at Abu Ghraib circa 2004.)

Secondly, children as young as five years old bully other children. A five year old cannot be evil.

 The 100% certainty of these two phenomena is overhwhelming evidence of how sadism is natural.

Mammals that live in packs have a hierachy. The hierachy is maintained by physical violence and often random acts of violence. (Reminders from the more dominant to the lower level entity of their level, by the more dominant doing whatever mean thing they want, when they want.) Humans are pack mammals and a few thousand years of trying to introduce societal standards of behaviour, will not have eradicated subconscious drivers developed over millions and millions of years of evolution. So, give a human absolute power over another and remove any chance of retribution or punishment and they will assert their dominance with acts of sadism and obtain pleasure from that, because pleasure is the reward our subconscious gives us when we follow good pack mammal behaviours. It is no different to the pleasure of stroking or being stroked, another pack mammal trait used to build a bond between pack mammals providing they all know their place in the hierachy.

So pleasure from sadism is no different to the pleasure from stroking or the pleasure of your team (pack) beating another team (pack) in team sports like football. It is good pack mammal behaviour and so it is rewarded by your sibconscious with pleasure sensations.

I do not suggest that because someting is natural through evolution, it is moral. It is not a justification – just an explanation.

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6 Responses to Sadism is natural

  1. Miss D says:

    A lovely blog you have Mistress Scarlet. Your thoughts about domination and benevolent sadism are quite interesting and informative.

    I took the freedom of adding a link to your blog from mine. You may find a few of my readers wandering about your site.

    Miss D

  2. Thank you Miss D for your generous words and the link from your site.

  3. Hi Clint
    I will add to the post you comment on. The post does not say, and I did not intend it to say, that because sadism may be natural it is therefore justified. Sadism is immoral and that is that. I will make that clear in the post. Thank you.

    I cannot agree with your comment that all school yard bullies and all who commit atrocicites in conflict zones pay a price sooner or later. That is just not so I am afraid, although it would be wonderful if it were.

  4. appreciate the concept of benevolent sadism indeed.

  5. Ragnar says:

    I am not a submissive person, but I love sadistic and dominant women, the more extreme the better. I wonder if that’s part of evolution somehow.

    • I think dominant women exploiting submissive men is part of social evolution. I think it will grow and also become more mainstream. It does not comply with the rules of biological evolution however which would require genetically inherited traits being passed through many generations.

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