Fifi Sprinkler Pool

Sitting naked on my lounger sunbathing while bitch-boy, in a nappy, rubber pants, baby’s bonnet and mittens; sits in this Fifi paddling pool in 12 inches of cold water, was so amusing this summer. Under £15 for so much pleasure! His humiliation is extreme and so much begging can be heard when I announce, on a gorgeous summer’s day that the weather looks fine enough to get the paddling pool out. He has some plastic ducks to play with (after much threatening of dire punishment) and I am wondering what other water toys to buy for next summer.

Pool at Amazon

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2 Responses to Fifi Sprinkler Pool

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  2. fluffy says:

    that is such a simple but effective humiliation. love it! especially if you have guests round, and he is naked, how amusing his shrinkage will be in the cold water
    even more respect

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