Monthly Archives: December 2010

Remote controlled shock device

I am sure dog lovers have doubts about the use of this wonderful item on dogs, but I do not use it on a dog. Although he may have to role play a dog from time to time. The

PAC nDXT (1 Dog) Remote Dog Trainer

Waterproof, works indoors or out, with a range of up to half a mile. Nine settings of intensity. I use it with a strap which goes around his genitals and keeps it in contact with the top face of the base of his cock. It is not the easiest item to learn to use, but once you have; instant, frightened obedience is ensured together with lots of fun.

Gave him the chance

Bitch-boy whinged yesterday that it had been 13 days since he had last cum. There was a sulky, petulant tone to his whinging which I found unacceptable. I thought for a moment and then I asked if he wanted to be allowed to jerk himself off. He timidly said he did, now, quite rightly a little nervous.

It was minus two centigrade at midday yesterday and he was standing outside, wrists bound behind his back, wearing only frilled ankle socks and white Mary Jane shoes. The North East wind wrapping around his nakedness. After ten minutes I allowed him back into the house. He was shivering and cold to the core. His wrists released, I knelt him down in front of me and told him he had one minute to jerkĀ himself off, as that was what he wanted. If however he failed to cum, he would be denied for at least another three days as punishment for wasting my valuable time.

With freezing cold finger and thumb he grasped his now freezing, numb, tiny, shriveled little cock and tried to manipulate himself. I glanced at my watch and noted the second hand.

It was pathetic and he was getting nowhere which caused me to really laugh out loud. I glanced at my watch again after 52 seconds and told him his minute was up and his chance was gone. Back into his tube he went.

I wonder if he will whinge again with a sulky, petulant tone about his denial, while this cold snap continues?