Monthly Archives: February 2011


I cuckolded poor bitch-boy with a new girlfriend the night before last. I went off to her place and spent the night there, and left him all alone and locked up in his chastity tube. He has not cum for 14 days. Last night, sitting there in my short skirt and high-heels, I told him all about what I did to her in bed, and what she did to me. All the sex and lovely orgasms. The expensive champagne. He just looked at me, occasionally looking down longingly at my slim thighs and my high-heels. I asked him if he was pleased I had had such a good time. He said he was and then looking again at me legs, he begged and begged to be allowed to cum, telling me I did not know how bad it was for him, how desperate he was. I told him I thought that I did know exactly how bad it was for him. And I told him that I might let him cum the day after tomorrow, if he was especially worshipful until then.

An open door

In these wintry evenings I found myself becoming irritated at having to bring stuff from my car to the front door and juggle with my keys to let myself in. It does not seem a fitting way for the Queen of the house to have to behave. However, I do not want my bitch-boy wasting time – which could be spent earning money for me, (he works from home), or be spent doing chores, by standing by a front window waiting for my car to draw up.

I have found, and am using, a great solution. I purchased a wireless door bell. I keep the press button in the car and  bitch-boy has to carry the chimer unit on his belt. It has a 50 metre operation distance.

Now, as I pull up into my drive, I press the bell button. Bitch-boy has to drop what he is doing and rush to come outside and help me with my bags and such. I can stroll in through the open door as a queen should.

Once he has joined me inside and deposited my bag or bags, he takes my coat and hangs it up and then kneels and kisses my footwear. Altogether a great step forward and another wrinkle in the quality of my life ironed out. Of course, if he fails to get to me outside quickly enough he is punished quite severely. My quality of life is very important to both of us!

A great site for adult baby purchases

I have yet to purchase anything from the site, but having found it, I could not wait to comment on it.

Just for starters I think I will be ordering pink Mary Jane shoes, locking padded mittens and the velvet romper suit. Poor bitch-boy will be so upset when he sees his new presents! I will let you know how it goes.