I cuckolded poor bitch-boy with a new girlfriend the night before last. I went off to her place and spent the night there, and left him all alone and locked up in his chastity tube. He has not cum for 14 days. Last night, sitting there in my short skirt and high-heels, I told him all about what I did to her in bed, and what she did to me. All the sex and lovely orgasms. The expensive champagne. He just looked at me, occasionally looking down longingly at my slim thighs and my high-heels. I asked him if he was pleased I had had such a good time. He said he was and then looking again at me legs, he begged and begged to be allowed to cum, telling me I did not know how bad it was for him, how desperate he was. I told him I thought that I did know exactly how bad it was for him. And I told him that I might let him cum the day after tomorrow, if he was especially worshipful until then.

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4 Responses to Cuckolded

  1. bobby says:

    As it should be.. Your property subjudgated, while You take Your pleasure..
    this slave has also now been instructed it is forbidden to cum since the 18 Jan..slave doesn’t know how long it will be.. this boy isn’t locked up which puts it on trust and even harder to resist and it has to show physical and mental discipline and control to resist even touching it..
    slave was severely beaten last evening by Mistress and Her friend, who is new to active FEM DOMME. Mistress used this slave to teach Her friend the best way to use the cane effectively, especially on it’s legs and all it’s tender places, across the bottom of it’s bum cheeks, bottom of feet etc…
    Mistress was showing Her friend the joys of seeing Her property suffer..

  2. I think I would really enjoy teaming up with your Mistress!!!

  3. bobby says:

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet full details can be forwarded to You privately..

  4. ideamaven18 says:

    You are a fantasy! You have quite a way with words!
    And when your readers comment it is hot! I enjoy reading about your adventures.

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