Cuckolded Again

It was my turn to host my ladyfriend overnight yesterday. I had bitch-boy working very, very hard all day until the house was spotlessly clean and tidy. New linen on the bed, food prepared. I then sent him off to a very cheap hotel, all locked up in his chastity tube – 15 days since he last came.

The bottle of champagne I shared with my ladyfriend cost more than his nasty little hotel room!

I have lots to tell him about the sexual pleasures I enjoyed.

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2 Responses to Cuckolded Again

  1. Mistress Scarlet, you are so marvellous cruel and wicked!

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    Such appropriate treatment! He cleans and prepares for Your pleasure…as things should be! And i know what “pleasures” he “enjoyed” in his lovely hotel room! I read all about it in journal 3!

    In respect to You,

    sissy j

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