The deceptive tempation – reality is not like fantasy

On the journey to my absolute power over bitch-boy, we would often read posts and articles from the web, describing absolute power relationships. Again and again, the warning would sing out loud – reality is not like fantasy. The effect of this phrase on bitch-boy and on any sub is to fuel the fire of surrender, despite its simple factual accuracy.

Now, bitch-boy so regrets that he will never fuck again, that he cums rarely and often in very humiliating and or painful circumstances. That he does all the housework, the grocery shopping, the laundry, that he is cuckolded, that he is regularly, harshly punished. He whines to wind the clock back and I remind him of the many times we read that phrase – reality is not like fantasy. He was excited by the phrase; but he had his chance. I enjoy my life far too much to wind back the clock. I am sure however that in the deepest recesses of his submissive soul, his life under my complete control satiates him absolutely, despite all that he has to endure.

Yesterday, for over three hours, I entertained a Mistress as cruel as me. We had not met before. She was simply a perfect kindred spirit and superb in her dominance. bitch-boy suffered new and profound levels of humiliation. My guest and I really enjoyed ourselves and the event will be repeated.

I will publish the warning and paradoxically submissives will respond with excitment – silly creatures – Reality is not like fantasy.

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10 Responses to The deceptive tempation – reality is not like fantasy

  1. slave j says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Very respectfully, i dont think You can be praised enough as You are one of the most extraordinary and profound examples of absolute Female supremacy over a male; over that ‘silly creature’ that so many of us, including myself, are.

    Bitch-boy despite his whining deserves all and everything he gets. Von Masoch described it well –

    “Woman’s power lies in man’s passion, and she knows how to use this power if he fails to understand it. He has only one choice: to be the slave of woman. No sooner does he give way than his neck is under the yoke, and then the whip will begin to fall.”


    “Whoever allows himself to be whipped, deserves to be whipped.”

    If bitch-boy didnt get what he needed out of his complete subjugation to You then he could and would leave no matter how difficult that might be for him in terms of consequences – at least he could have the chance of a new life and be his own man. But he gets exactly what he needs and like all of us he twists on the agony of that reality You inflict upon him – we both need it and hate it. Therefore he deserves it all and more and more and deeper and deeper – all power to Your elbow Ma’am. And by equal measure You Ma’am deserve all You get, al the service, all the pleasure – and all the amusement at his terrible humiliations. And they are terrible but if i could find a Mistress just like You Mistress Scarlet despite the nature of the realty, and exactly and precisely because of it, i would surrender totally and absolutely – like bitch-boy, a silly and pathetic creature; but helplessly so.

    May i respectfully ask one question Ma’am? Do You have contempt for bitch-boy and all submissive males who similarly and unconditionally surrender everything to the absolute power of a Woman?

    Again Mistress Scarlet, all praise to You and Women like You.

    • Thank you for the praise slave j.

      You are broadly correct in what you have posted when it comes to bitch-boy leaving, however do not forget also the power of 8 years of conditioning. His reality of what is right and wrong, what is appropriate and just, slowly shifted a little each week until he has lost his original sense of what is appropriate and just. And the conditioning continues!

      You ask:
      Do You have contempt for bitch-boy and all submissive males who similarly and unconditionally surrender everything to the absolute power of a Woman?

      In his vanilla activities bitch-boy has some very impressive attributes which I admire, however when it comes to my domination of him and my knowledge of my absolute control and his reluctant, yet full aquiesence, I do look upon him with the fullest disdain. I never feel guilty about his position because he got himself into it. I never feel guilty over his physical or mental suffering. The more pathetic I make him, the more I want to make his suffering worse.

      I do not know why so few women live like I do with a submissive male at their service. I struggle to find women like me to share time with who want more than play and want real slavery.
      Mistress Scarlet

  2. slave j says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Thank you for our reply.

    With respect i dont know why more women dont want to live the life you do, either. i spend a lot of time looking for such women; but it must be said there is a part of me holds back and has indeed run away when the possibility drew close. The reason is this – i think. A confusion and a fear.

    i view myself as having a small amount of real control give my natural and life long need for absolute Female domination, as opposed to play, and what it allows me to do is to stop myself from tipping over into the helplessness of that bottomless pit of surrender to the power of a woman. Though i dont have the experience bitch-boy has or anything like it, i do very much understand and perceive the potential power of women, a power that once has a hold is i think almost limitless and very very real, and this involves a fear for me.

    i am an artist, a painter, and this necessitates an immense and sometimes unpredictable amount of time to both pursue in terms of research and ‘culturally’ feed and directly practice my art. That is, that part of me needs ‘freedom’; yet the other part of me wants, wants and wants and deeply needs precisely the sort of Mistress/slave relationship you have with bitch-boy. i have read and several times re-read both your Journals (and eagerly look forward to future volumes) and they captivate and enthral me as to the nature of your cruelty and sadism and your disdain, and when you said that in your reply it will come as no surprise to you that it aroused this pathetic creature. Your relationship with bitch-boy resonates so deeply with my need. But it feels frightening because it also feels threatening to the other whole part of who i am; and that i think is why i run away.

    Could i respectfully therefor ask you another question. Do you think that conflict might be a dilemma that can be reconciled or do you think it paralyses action and makes real slavery impossible? I.e, do you think a male like me could be both slave and artist? Again respectfully, i ask because i respect your view and obvious wisdom about the dynamics of Female domination.

    Having said all that i think a particular woman who set her intentions upon me, once across the thin defences i posses, would take me; and that would be that.

    Lastly i used capitalisation first time as a mark of respect to you but seeing you dont use it i have not in this response.

    With great respect and admiration

    slave j

    • You clearly are submissive at your core. So therefore you are right that, ‘if a particular woman who set her intentions upon me, once across the thin defences i posses, would take me; and that would be that.’

      However she might allow you to continue to be an artist – the thing is, it would be her choice, so the risk for you is large!


  3. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    i hope i didnt offend You with my last mail, either by asking You about an issue of mine, or in making a decision to not use capitals in reference to You – some Women find their use irritating.

    i think Your whole site and Your Journals are a wonderful insight into a Female dominated lifestyle of absolute power exchange over a male and the very last thing i would want is to displease or offend You Ma’am.

    If i have i beg forgiveness Mistress Scarlet and i would not bother You again on this issue for fear of further displeasing You.

    Very respectfully

    slave j

  4. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Thank You for Your reply, and Your judgement regarding my character which respectfully coming as it does from You i hold in very high esteem.

    On reading Your point – “However she might allow you to continue to be an artist – the thing is, it would be her choice, so the risk for you is large!” – conveyed in a way that evoked a strong dominant Woman, i knew there and then that i would accept, in fact not even that as i would have no choice for such a Woman, a Woman like You, would be the only one to make choices and i would be lead away to my future, be that to involve art or not. Ultimately, i am helpless and powerless before a Woman.

    It is only when in isolation from such a powerful presence that i feel i have a choice and something to defend and even demand. But in reality i am as the moth to the burning flame.

    my very sincere and profound thank You Mistress Scarlet for You time and judgement.

    i kneel before You as before my superior.

    slave j

  5. PrinceEdwardslave says:

    excellent insight into how all this develops indeed!

  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    i’m caching up late here, Ma’am…starting with Your very first post, and working my way through them…there is so much to learn and study…between Your journals and this blog, it is a virtual encyclopedia of strict Female Domination and Supremacy!

    i have lived a life of Female Domination and have studied and read of it my entire adult life…although my level of slavery has never approached the extremes that You practice with bitchboy. Your warnings about the nature of reality are well taken, Ma’am…but i’m sure like most submissive to the core males, i would willingly kneel for that permanent collar if the situation presented itself…silly creature indeed!


    sissy j

    • Its funny. Telling a sub to be careful what they are wishing for, and promising them it will be not what they want and they will regret passing all control to their Domme, simply makes them want it more! What is one to do?! LOL

  7. westfal says:

    A good point made by one of the contributors above that once the male consents to such and remains, (as the conditioning of your BB has been quite effective as you note due to his need at his core for such), then in fact he deserves all the treatments that follow…………if it did not fit him, then the conditioning would not have worked and he would have bucked his way out of the relationship had it conflicted with his core which it did not, so that is the green light for the Mistress to go to town so to speak with his deep submissiveness:)

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