First outing of the year for the paddling pool

Such a lovely weekend which spelt deep humiliation for bitch-boy. He begged and begged when I announced I would be sunbathing and he would be sitting in his paddling pool while I sunbathed. His begging was ignored and his nappy, rubber pants and baby’s bonnet were secured into place.

There he sat in six inches of cold water while I relaxed on the recliner, naked, taking the sun. Occasionally I instructed him to play with his rubber ducks or cuddle his dolly. How miserable and deeply humiliated he was. Such cruel pleasure.

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1 thought on “First outing of the year for the paddling pool

  1. wonders if Bitch-Boy has been enjoying the cold waters of his paddling pool, playing with his ducks this past week with all the lovely hot weather we have been having? perhaps if he doesn’t want to play in his paddling pool, you could coat his diminutive cock & balls in honey and set him to weeding and see how much he likes the attention of the wasps and midges on his ever so sensitive parts :)
    respect from

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