Monthly Archives: May 2011

Restraint Tube

As requested by several readers, here is a photo of bitch-boys inescapable tube.

His little cock is inserted from the left. It is a tight fit! Only the penis head protrudes out of the right hand side. The permanantly glued shut ring through his frenum piercing passes through the keyhole shaped hole (which is under his clitty). A plastic padlock hasp passes through the hole at the front, through the ring, and is then locked shut. The tube is polycarbonate and the frenum ring is acrylic, so no metal parts which means he can pass through metal detectors. It was his choice whether to make one himself he was comfortable with or have me purchase a Lori tube and him have it locked on, no matter about comfort or piercing location. He chose to make one!

Nurse Nasty

Poor bitch-boy spent the whole of Saturday bound in his, and to his, bed. I had a wonderful day, split between sitting in the sun, reading, watching TV, eating fine food and every half hour to an hour; ‘nursing’ my bedridden patient. Nurse always knows best, even if some treatments caused the patient to wriggle and whimper a lot! Oh that whimpering and begging does wondeful things to me.

Repeated use of Deep Heat embrocation cream, my 12 inch ruler, nipple clamps, nappies, a drip feed of my lovely nectar, some horrible baby food, – several orgasms for me, while queening his bound form; and lots of frustraion for him, especially given he had been 8 days without cumming. All erections however deserved (and got) corrections!