Restraint Tube

As requested by several readers, here is a photo of bitch-boys inescapable tube.

His little cock is inserted from the left. It is a tight fit! Only the penis head protrudes out of the right hand side. The permanantly glued shut ring through his frenum piercing passes through the keyhole shaped hole (which is under his clitty). A plastic padlock hasp passes through the hole at the front, through the ring, and is then locked shut. The tube is polycarbonate and the frenum ring is acrylic, so no metal parts which means he can pass through metal detectors. It was his choice whether to make one himself he was comfortable with or have me purchase a Lori tube and him have it locked on, no matter about comfort or piercing location. He chose to make one!

20 thoughts on “Restraint Tube

  1. Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Thank You for posting the photo of bitch-boys’ tube, and please congratulate him on producing a very simple but i am sure very effective device.

    May i ask Ma’am if You had any say in its specifications – as in length, internal width etc and when bitch-boy gets aroused as i imagine he must and maybe quite regularly does the manner in which his penis is secured make for a discomforting experience, or is it not a problem?

    Personally i think a key question in the relationship between the Female and the male is who controls the penis.

    With very great respect.

    i kneel before You Ma’am.

    slave j

  2. May I ask – is this just a play thing or permanent attachment ?

    As you said – whoever controls the penis – controls the relationship… well put

    1. My domination is not play. Bitch-boy has his tube locked on just about all the time. It comes off for me to tease and to use dickie-discipline. The ruler and the Deep Heat embrocation cream are a real favourite of mine when he is bound and not able to move a muscle.

  3. Ms Angela, Ma’am.

    May i respectfully suggest You read Mistress Scarlets Journals. Very very instructive and illuminating in the realities of a Mistress/slave realistic relationship.

    Kneeling before all Females.

    slave j

  4. Mistress: I am a curious man and wonder if your man chose the inner diameter of his chastity device sometime before he found out he had to wear it full time. It seems counter intuitive to make himself suffer more than normal. I have a Loris’ steel unit which I ordered after my wife agreed and it is mostly comfortable all day. It is erotic to think of being in something as tight as your mans tube and yet I would not have gotten myself into such a small item ( the size of a wine cork?) unless I too had a demanding mistress like yourself that actually punishes transgressions and enjoyed my suffering. I am totally intregued by your control and description of your lifestyle. Marty

    1. I believe his tube is of internal diameter of 22mm or 24mm, I can’t recall precisely and it is of no importance to me to measure it. He does struggle to get the device on and must use lubricant and be free of all arousal – then it goes on.

  5. That is very interesting as perhaps as in all us submissives that we want to feel a bit of tugging when being teased by our women and my cage is not as restrictive. I suppose if I was told to wear something tighter then I could comply. Perhaps because she will not punish me for being rude or brash then a more restritive cage…. Just let your man know that it is endlessly delightful to have the woman think up all the various conditions and torments and not the submissive wanting to be treated this way or that.I do believe mine will not always fight her imaginations of dominations. M

  6. I’m rather surprised that, on inspection of the design, which I would assume you did, pre-fabrication, you did not require him to line the inside of the tube with a shim of spikes. That would have made it a sort of super-KTB. The Club Fem KTB is ideal, and could have been cut to fit, then glued to the inside of the tube.

    Perhaps if there’s a Mark-2, that would be a possibility? And, yes, if I were in a tube for my Mistress, I’d want that, as well. If a male is going to be enslaved, controlled and disciplined, I’m all for 110%, or, as you dismissively note, it’s just a game.

    Who, as a submissively-wired male, wants a game for submission, or a weak, too-forgiving Mistress for one’s Female Superior?


    1. I have read that the longterm 24/7 wearing of a spiked device can, in time, condition the male to lose the power to erect. While this would be very amusing, it is not what I want. I would miss using my teasing and the nettles, Deep Heat, ruler etc. on that desperate hard, engorged little thing. As you know from an earlier post and from my journals, spike lined leather straps are tightly fixed around the object quite often. At the moment, this regime is what I want.

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  8. How wonderful mistress, him making his own chastity device for his own suffering, A truly cruel but unusual idea of yours

  9. A very nice, effective, no-frills design…just as a real slave object should be!

    My deep respect to You, Ma’am,

    sissy j

  10. My wife who an have to call Mommy has not placed me into total chastity yet, but she has spoken about it now and then. She has me in intercourse chastity with a penis ring and a lock and ever changing sharp charms placed on it. No reasonable person would what that in them, not even a comdom will last very long before it rips apart. I am getting very scared that I will only be allowed hands for the rest of my life. She loves public humiliation for me with me having uncontrollable erection. I do not see this stopping it is one her favorite tortures. I feel a little better about my fate when I hear about born again virgins. I mean at least I am not alone with this fate.

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