Apologies – broken links – now fixed

It came to my attention that the links on My Diaries page (see top menu) were broken. They are now fixed. Apologies to anyone who clicked on a link while broken. A frustrating thing, I know.

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6 Responses to Apologies – broken links – now fixed

  1. jarrod says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I have just purchased your 3rd exsquisit book and am as usual really enjoying it . Your books never dissappoint and are writen quite obviously by a woman who is clearly enjoying her life (or should I say “Power”) to the full! As from my comments in your first book i was delighted to see your sister sandra back again. She is so talented and i just love the methods she devises, she really is an excellent contributor to an already excellent series of books. Does sandra have her own bitch boy? The nettles are always a highlight and this book is sensational in there use to destroy bitch boy and give you so much fun.
    if i may say so, just one dissappointment in this 3rd book. When i bought it, after i had downloaded it the cover of the book was blank?? I wrote to Lulu to find out why but Ive had very little help from them regarding this? Can you please tell me why I have no cover to my book please?
    I hope you never stop writing but best of all never stop enjoying yourself. When I was a kid I used to so look forward to next weeks comic…….. now I cant wait for more of your superb literature with the same degree of excitement!

  2. jarrod says:

    thank you for being so prompt in your reply , it just said “download” there wasnt an option that i could see for an e book which is what ive had before, and yes it is a pdf document

    • I think somehow you must have downloaded the eBook which does not have a cover.

      I have added the cover picture to the bottom of the page ‘My Diaries’. I will leave it there for a short while.

  3. jarrod says:

    Thank you so much! That was a very kind thing to do its very much appreciated, its an increadably attractive photograph of you and Im so glad I finally got it . :):)
    Will there be a 4th Edition???? Somehow Im sure there will be, your surely on a high and enjoying yourself way too much to stop now! Hehe.
    With huge respect for an amazing lady……… thank you 🙂

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