Monthly Archives: June 2011

Simple New Rule

My toy had to spend the whole day as Belindakins yesterday. I had bought him a sweet Princess comic which he had to work his way through with his dolly sat next to him and his naked, recently punished, arse on a nasty square of coir matting. At my instruction, every now and then, he had to ask his dolly if she liked something in the comic. He then had to answer as though he was the dolly – how he hates that! Dolly’s answers became single word answers, so a new rule was required. Now dolly only ever answers in whole sentences or else Belindakin’s bottom is made even more sore before sitting back down on the coir matting.

When he lifts himself up off the coir matting after having sat on it for some time, he experiences a couple of seconds of really extreme agony.  I am not sure why but it is very delightful!