Simple New Rule

My toy had to spend the whole day as Belindakins yesterday. I had bought him a sweet Princess comic which he had to work his way through with his dolly sat next to him and his naked, recently punished, arse on a nasty square of coir matting. At my instruction, every now and then, he had to ask his dolly if she liked something in the comic. He then had to answer as though he was the dolly – how he hates that! Dolly’s answers became single word answers, so a new rule was required. Now dolly only ever answers in whole sentences or else Belindakin’s bottom is made even more sore before sitting back down on the coir matting.

When he lifts himself up off the coir matting after having sat on it for some time, he experiences a couple of seconds of really extreme agony.  I am not sure why but it is very delightful!

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11 Responses to Simple New Rule

  1. slave j says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Respectfully, i read this and almost cringe in sympathy for bitch-boy having only a sense of how utterly and agonisingly humiliating it would be. But then combined with what sounds like very severe punishment for failing to please You when performing is wonderfully cruel and sadistic – and the mat, sitting on such a mat afterwards just deepens and deepens the agony and makes everything worse – makes for something that must be dreadful, and for a whole day!

    It probably comes as no surprise to You Ma’am but if i had the chance i would sit there next to bitch-boy, dressed and behaving the same even though just like him, at the time i would hate it, hate it and hate it. Yet i cant help myself and know i would surrender to such a regime of abusive domination because it would please a Woman like You Mistress Scarlet. And that is what i am and what i am for – my destiny and purpose.

    You are fantastic Ma’am; the living epitome of what makes Women powerful and superior to us and more than capable of imposing real slavery upon us, and despite it all it is Your imaginative cruelty and sadism that ignites and inflames by submissiveness and need to suffer – and there are so many instances on this blog and in Your Journals that demonstrate it – the wonderful Nurse Nasty for instance.

    i kneel in profound respect for You Ma’am.

    slave j

    • Thank you for your respect slave j. I just do not know why more women do not take a submissive male for their use and abuse.

      • Mike says:

        I suppose that they soon will. If more know what a pretty woman can do to subjugate a man then we men would be much more carefull in how we treat them and men would soon become more tame and respectful. I do think that if there were more women like you then even the marraige vows would profoundly change. The other side of the pond in New York. M

  2. slave j says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    The above should as before, been by ‘servileslave’ but for some reason has come out as ‘slave j’. i dont know why as servilslave is my WordPress ID.

    May i respectfully add Ma’am, that i often want to write and comment on here to Your posts and those of others, but i dont want to overstay my welcome as it where – this is after all Your blog. i would never want to displease You and so i restrain myself.

    i think You are the most magnificent Mistress and an example of Female domination and enslaved male lifestyle equal to the best – for instance Ms Elise Sutton and i look out =for everything from Your blog as soon as it arrives.

    servileslave, on its knees.

    • Do not feel fettered from posting whenever you want. I am interested in all views and opinions. It can be a source of learning and learning can enhance power. Even if I do not agree with the views and opinions.

  3. cherublaws says:

    the reason for the pain of sitting up is probably the same reason the nipples hurt far more when they are removed. Blood circulation being restored.

  4. BraceletMe says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I feel I must acknowledge bitch-boy’s cleverness with his one word answers, thus gaining a rare upper hand for the briefest of moments!

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    I respect and admire Your use of the coir matting for adding discomfort and punishment, Ma’am. my Mistress has a “punishment seat” that She uses on me, that by the way was crafted by me, per Her specifications…it is a wood board approximately 16″ x 16″ x 1″ with beer bottle caps nailed to it and fully covering the surface…of course the caps are positioned “serrated” side up. The seat is positioned on a high wooden stool (so that legs hang free and all of my weight is on my bottom) and i am sat on it bare bottomed for up to an hour at a time…It is a miserable way to spend 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes…the pain and discomfort start promptly…but the standing up at the end…separating the butt from the nasty, sharp teeth of the caps is absolutely excruciating! The whole “event” is even more painful if preceded by a thorough paddling or strapping!

    As usual…I love Your wonderful blog and amazing journals Ma’am…

    Kneeling humbly nose to the floor in respect for You,

    sissy jamiieanne

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