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Best bit of the day

I have been meaning to post about my favourite bit of the Nurse Nasty day. After using flannels so hot I needed rubber gloves to hold them around his stiff little clitty, and then scrubbing with a harsh toothbrush, I made it stiff again and then wrapped it tightly in a gauze bandage soaked in fresh lemon juice ( while the pores were nicely open and the little scratches from the bristles nice and fresh.)

Oh such wriggling and whimpering and sobbing. It made me so hot I just had to touch myself until I was happy. And then giving the bandage encased object a nice squeeze brought fresh distress even though it had become quite soft. Such simple amusing, harmless, arousing fun!

A comment I found interesting!

ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

July 30, 2011 at 12:26 am

Mistress Scarlet please if this slave boy may humbly suggest, next time You use Your Delicious tooth brush to harshly scrub bitch boy’s little clitty…. it maybe scrub up cleaner for You, with some mint stripey tooth paste, squeezed on the brush, especially all over the tender head bit of the clitty and for good measure, a cotton bud kindly loaded with the tooth paste, then used to clean deep inside it’s little pee hole, to make it nice and sanitiesed for You.. Then, as it will be a bit sticky, wash it clean with the lemon juice to make it lovely fresh and smelling of fresh spring like….

  • Mistress Scarlet says:
    August 2, 2011 at 8:02 am

    I have used toothpaste which is not as painful as lemon juice or embrocation cream. However washing a layer of toothpaste off with lemon juice is an interesting idea which I may act upon.

Nurse Nasty tomorrow

Bitch-boy has been locked in his tube for two weeks solid. Not let out other than for brief cleaning. No hardons, no touching by me, no teasing physically. I have been having an orgasm every morning, among other times. He looks so desperate when I parade around in the evenings in a tight, short dress and platform heels, while he waits on me. Tomorrow his little clitty will be freed from its hard plastic prison all day because he is going to be strapped to the bed for a whole day at the hands of me playing my Nurse Nasty role. I love Nurse Nasty days. I think perhaps he will wish his clitty was back inside the safety of its plastic tube. In fact I know he will!

Volume 3 of my journals is now published

Volume 3 of my journals is now published on In paperbackdownload and Ebook versions.

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