Volume 3 of my journals is now published

Volume 3 of my journals is now published on Lulu.com. In paperbackdownload and Ebook versions.

A colour picture of me on the front cover of the paperback and download versions.

Find out more about my journals and read excerpts by clicking on the MY DIARIES page above.

Enjoy your reading!

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3 Responses to Volume 3 of my journals is now published

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    i bought the latest instalment, and hope it to be the third of many more, of Your excellent Journals, and though i havent finished it yet – and it is WONDERFUL; may i be the first on here to congratulate You Ma’am. But could i very respectfully say two things and write something more generally appreciative later?

    Your picture on the front is of course divine and i can imagine how overwhelmed bitch-boy feels when ordered to perform those more intimate oral services for a GODDESS. Beautiful, Mistress Scarlet, absolutely and Divinely beautiful.. When ever i see an image of a Woman with a cane in Her hand it sends a tremor of fear through me.

    Secondly, i accidentally downloaded it as a pdf rather than in digital reader format and its title was ‘Gynarchy Chronicles’ whereas i dont think the others were were they Ma’am? Does this mean You are moving towards a position more of generalised Female Supremacy, a Female Ruling Class with males totally repressed and enslaved on mass and viewed and treated by their superiors more like a sub-species?

    To my mind that would be the final expression of the natural order and the highest form of social organisation.

    i grovel before my natural superior in total admiration and submission.


  2. sub slut says:

    Thank you, Mistress. Have been eagerly awaiting volume three and ordered it over the weekend. Just waiting for Lulu to do their stuff…

    Hope that is pleases Mistress to keep writing further volumes. There is so much more (male driven) fantasy out there than authentic accounts, and Mistress’s journals are outstanding.

    Respects, Mistress.

  3. sub slut says:

    Hello Mistress,

    Received the print copy of Volume 3 from Lulu yesterday. Mistress looks wonderful on the cover, and I can understand bitchboy’s awe and frustration. Volume 3 is even more compelling than the previous volumes. I too am hoping for many more instalments, if it pleases Mistress.

    Would Mistress perhaps please consider describing one of bitchboys more humiliating sexual releases in Volume 4?


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