So Humiliated

I have had bitch-boy in his little pink parody maid’s outfit a lot recently. The one that he had to shorten himself and the hem reaches only down to his hips. He is so shamed with his shaved genitals and his little clitty padlocked into its narrow tube on display. I had him clean the ground floor windows outside. How he begged not to have to do that, so attired. Of course, given his bottom is always on display in this uniform, I am generous with the cane because I love to see fresh red stripes as he gets on with his chores.

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8 Responses to So Humiliated

  1. ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

    Beautiful inventive Mistress Scarlet… this slave’s Owner, Mistress Shy also loves caning Her boy harshly on it’s soft bum cheeks and all down the backs and fronts of Her boy’s legs..
    Your bitch boy might look pretter for You as well, if You kindly plug it’s tight puckered hole with a butt plug?

  2. Mistress Shy sounds like a woman after my own heart. The sort of woman I love to colloborate with when toying with a subjugated suffering male.

    • servileslave says:

      Mistress Scarlet.

      “toying with a subjugated suffering male” – it just gets me, the venom and cruelty and contempt for the inferior sex.

  3. Sissymaid says:

    Wonderful, Miss! Of course having the maid’s bottom exposed for the cand is the ultimate motivator… apart from the tears it produces 🙂

    • Paula says:

      Mistress Sarah (The Mistress Wants here)…Great minds yet again. I had Paula take some time off work last week…for three days…Tue/Wed/Thu. Dressed and makeup as I instructed. Four pages of tasks to complete including cleaning the windows and the glass in the front door. (S)he was so humiliated at the risk of being seen as we are overlooked quite easily in places. The front door was good fun. Once the inside was completed I said ‘what about the outside of the glass slut’….ooooh if I had a camera to see the sluts face. The thrill of excitement I got…very erotic….oh so smug I felt…! The four pages of tasks would never be completed and the suffering for being lazy still continues into this week. All you are doing Mistress Scarlet is spurring me on….now thats naughty of you…..erm…not…!

      • Wow. Your exploitation and conditioning (subjugating) of your possession is right up there. Respect. Please let me know about all your future journey steps. I love to read of other dominant women who have decided to get the most from life by fully excersizing their right to exploit, punish and condition their subby.

  4. Paula says:

    Oh I will definately do that. I feel a new level of dominance in my blood thanks to your books and now in turn your blog.

  5. SB says:

    The whole area of involving him directly in his own humilation as in this instance shortening the dress himself to specification, is novel. A most interesting post.

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