6 thoughts on “Spikes

  1. Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am

    Very respectfully i have wondered before if You use spikes on the offending object (and the penis IS so so offensive is it not and deserves EVERYTHING it gets, as You demonstrate so often).

    Have You ever considered either having bitch boy up-rate his tube to include internal spikes or acquire a separate spiked device for occasional use? i have in the past been kept in a spiked device and arousal was so unbearable that i very quickly came to dread becoming even the slightest bit excited – the early morning in bed being one of the worst examples of becoming helplessly victim to self induced and utter agony (separate of course from what Mistress might teasingly induce).

    But then it is my humble opinion that the male should NEVER EVER be allowed, even if permitted an emission, to get any sort of pleasure from the object. On the contrary, the experience should be one of constant suffering and in what every way pleases and amuses the Female – what else is the pathetic little thing for?

    i bow down Ma’am, before an absolutely supreme Female.


  2. Spikes are fun aren’t they! Can you combine your spikes with his regular chastity device or do you have to remove it first?

  3. Hello,

    I am trying to register with Lulu to purchase your journals, but the Lulu registration form does not work and their support links don’t either. Where can I buy your journals?


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