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Erotic Rainy Sunday Afternoon

I buckled the full coverage leather hood onto bitch-boy’s head and
fixed that to the bed-head by its top D ring. I secured his wrists and ankles
wide apart and very tightly to the bed rails. He could not move a muscle, as
the saying goes. The picture of spreadeagled helpless vulnerability made me hot and cruel.

He had not cum for two weeks and so just a few moments of my cool
fingers and he was rock hard. While the rain beat against the window I lay out
my toys. I then began a cycle. Edging – the ruler, edging – the pin roller,
edging –the Deep Heat.

Then back to the beginning. After two cycles, I had to stop and
bring myself pleasure while I listened to him whimpering because of the 2nd
application of deep heat. Powerful! When I recovered it was time for more
torture. When he is so desperate there is this fun thing to do. Apply a good
amount of the Deep Heat embrocation cream and immediately, with slow strokes
bring him to the very edge of release. During this edging phase, his desire for
release blocks out the burning of the cream. Then when I stop my pumping just
before he would otherwise cum, he first moans emotionally because he did not
get to cum, and then a few seconds into that moaning, the tone changes to
whimpering as the burning enters his consciousness. So funny.

It is also funny to cover his little object with the cream and
then bring him off. The joy of release masks the burning, but about 20 seconds
after his moments of ecstasy have faded, the burning starts biting. I’ll leave
you to guess his fate on Sinday.

Paper Doilys Humiliation

I read of, and am now using, a low cost, delightful and simple humiliation and form of ersatz confinement for bitch-boy.

When I have bitch-boy in his little girl or maid’s uniform, an option to confine him
to a given location, (rather than nose pressed to the wall) is to drop a white
paper doily to the floor and instruct him to stand on it until further notice. It
so, so sweet and amusing seeing him standing there (facing me in his shame) and for some reason, he really, really hates it. Wonderful.

Doilys from Lakeland

Lady Carole Femdom Artwork

One of my favourite femdom artists is Lady Carole. The
quality of the depictions may be less than perfect but the scenarios depicted
and imaginative content of the scenarios is a real joy and close to my ideal
lifestyle. I do not refer to her prison themed work but to her domestically themed
work. I provide a few examples below.

Here is a link to an archive of her work.