Paper Doilys Humiliation

I read of, and am now using, a low cost, delightful and simple humiliation and form of ersatz confinement for bitch-boy.

When I have bitch-boy in his little girl or maid’s uniform, an option to confine him
to a given location, (rather than nose pressed to the wall) is to drop a white
paper doily to the floor and instruct him to stand on it until further notice. It
so, so sweet and amusing seeing him standing there (facing me in his shame) and for some reason, he really, really hates it. Wonderful.

Doilys from Lakeland

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7 Responses to Paper Doilys Humiliation

  1. PrinceEdwardslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    just a question re how long b-boy is required to keep his nose to the wall when that is the form of confinement You have ordered……guess the ‘Dollie’ approach would allow for longer confinement times for him, eh-??

    • Sometimes bitch-boy is sent to stow himself away, nose pressed to the wall, for 5 or 10 minutes while I am finishing what I am doing at the time. On other occasions he is left there an antire afternoon or evening, only being given a break from the position if I need my drink topped up or a magazine placed in the trash.

      • BraceletMe says:

        Mistress Scarlet, this is going to be my one reply that has absolutely nothing to do with your original post (I tried to find a post that I don’t see myself commenting on in the future but I may end up coming back to this one again, as it’s hard for me to find even a single post of yours that isn’t exciting in some way or other).

        I’m just writing to say that I haven’t yet gone to last night’s post, so I have no idea whether you will have been flattered, put off, or simply feel it entirely unworthy of response. I can’t permit myself to look right now, as I don’t know how I would be able to get through the day if it’s either of the latter, so I will wait until I get home from work tonight to find out.

        72, 48 or 24 hours ago I didn’t foresee that I would reveal so many of my thoughts last night – and now that I have, I can only hope that I haven’t been misunderstood (I seem to have a supreme talent for that). I hope that I am not in my own false reality – one in which I believe this means anything to you – as opposed to the desirable false reality that you have so expertly and relentlessly crafted for bitch-boy (I still can’t get over the whole concept and cruelty of the deterrent punishment regime that you have enforced on him – how enslaving that is). Which didn’t even catch my attention at all, when I originally skimmed many of your posts.

        I am fearful to think that this may possibly be my last post – if I can’t relate to such a seemingly perfect Mistress, who can I relate to? But, by not looking to see what you may have already written, I at least get to write to you this one last time and tell you how much you already mean to me (I just hope that you are perceptive enough to be able to see in my writings that isn’t a bad thing and that you will want to get to know me – and yes, I am almost positive you are married and spoken for – although it is probably much more correct to say that bitch-boy is the one who is spoken for).

        I just hope this isn’t goodbye before we’ve even said hello.

        (And this is a little humiliating for me to write such thoughts, that I could semi-publicly reveal myself to be so dependent on you already)

        I hope you somehow can take at least a small amount of pleasure that someone other than bitch-boy will be thinking of you all day long today, I really hope so.

        And now I’ve finished just in time to be only five or ten minutes late for work.

      • sissy jamieanne says:

        Wow…An entire afternoon with his nose pressed to the wall has to be mind-numbing discipline, but i suppose that is his lot in life! May i ask if You require his nose to actually be in contact with the wall at all times…are You “picky” about his position and posture, Ma’am?

        Most respectfully,

        sissy j

  2. PrinceEdwardslave says:

    wonderfully strict!

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