Erotic Rainy Sunday Afternoon

I buckled the full coverage leather hood onto bitch-boy’s head and
fixed that to the bed-head by its top D ring. I secured his wrists and ankles
wide apart and very tightly to the bed rails. He could not move a muscle, as
the saying goes. The picture of spreadeagled helpless vulnerability made me hot and cruel.

He had not cum for two weeks and so just a few moments of my cool
fingers and he was rock hard. While the rain beat against the window I lay out
my toys. I then began a cycle. Edging – the ruler, edging – the pin roller,
edging –the Deep Heat.

Then back to the beginning. After two cycles, I had to stop and
bring myself pleasure while I listened to him whimpering because of the 2nd
application of deep heat. Powerful! When I recovered it was time for more
torture. When he is so desperate there is this fun thing to do. Apply a good
amount of the Deep Heat embrocation cream and immediately, with slow strokes
bring him to the very edge of release. During this edging phase, his desire for
release blocks out the burning of the cream. Then when I stop my pumping just
before he would otherwise cum, he first moans emotionally because he did not
get to cum, and then a few seconds into that moaning, the tone changes to
whimpering as the burning enters his consciousness. So funny.

It is also funny to cover his little object with the cream and
then bring him off. The joy of release masks the burning, but about 20 seconds
after his moments of ecstasy have faded, the burning starts biting. I’ll leave
you to guess his fate on Sinday.

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10 Responses to Erotic Rainy Sunday Afternoon

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet,

    I believe my slave (Miss Paula) who is my husband and slave wrote a reply to you recently. I do find your books really interesting and useful so thank you for that. I do find your methods really interesting. At first I thought ‘harsh’ but now I am not so sure and perhaps I have been far too lenient in my methodology.

    I do very much like the way you have ‘edged’ bitch-boy and I feel sure he is completely in awe and in love with you for treating him so well. It must also mean that you love him so very much to treat him that way. I think that many women miss the opporunity to have such a wonderful female led loving relationship.

    I cuckold Paula and find this quite an exquisite ‘mind fuck’ for him before, during and after the ‘event’ itself. I find myself being ‘cruel to be kind’ to Paula and enjoy the pain in her eyes but yet I know he needs this treatment for it is in her own interests as a slave…to become a better slave and serve me better.

    I find myself drawn to your methodology as we come to the end of your second book and look forward to Paula reading your third book to me over the coming week. I do so enjoy watching her reaction to the suffering and indeed pleasures endured by bitch-boy….the key hunting was pure genious…!

    With sincere best wishes,

    Mistress Sarah (The Mistress Wants).

    • Thank you for your comment. Your simple phrase relating to your cuckolding – ‘before, during and after, I …enjoy the pain in her eyes.’ – I found highly erotic and delightful. It really struck a chord with me. I think we are probably, very much, kindred spirits.

      I would never consider I am in a position to give advice to anyone, but I can explain a relevant element of my journey to where I am now.

      For reasons I need not explain, – one day relating to my level of domination, I simply made a fundamental decision. A new regime started which included, 100% of punishments for infractions being very harsh and painful punishments for bitch-boy – which resulted in him being frightened of me (and punishment) all the time. Fetching and carrying and all chores and housework being undertaken by bitch-boy and punishment if he complained about that. My mental and physical tortures of him being well past his limits and simply being whatever I felt like doing. Despite his dislike of so much of this new life for him, it was plain to see that his very submissive soul had never been in a more secure and tranquil place. His awe and worship of me (as well as my levels of arousal) reached new levels that have remained sustained.

      • servileslave says:

        Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

        Very respectfully i had wondered about that. From Your Journals it seemed likely that You hadnt just evolved slowly but had at some point become much more generally cruel to bitch-boy. What i so admire about You Ma’am and what i think distinguishes You from so many of the Mistresses on the net is that it is ALL about what YOU want and about Your cruelty in whatever excess YOU wish, and not about bitch-boys ‘pleasure’ of fun at all, and it never should be. i think particularly the levels of physical punishment, the canings that are so harsh and must be utterly agonising to endure and the extraordinary humiliations but also the extensive torturing of his penis – all of it is incredible and as i said i greatly admire You for Your seemingly inexhaustable cruelty that only intensifies with time and experience.

        i am saying this as a male who isnt a masochist at all and has a low pain level but has been treated with real sadism and cruelty which like bitch-boy i really hated and desperately wanted to get away from, because She genuinely frightened me, but once returned to my ‘normal’ life i would and continue to want it again and even more and worse treatment – as You put it Ma’am, a silly and pathetic creature.

        i think fear is essential for real and effective subjugation and for a really elevated and profound respect for our superior but it should have come about as part of the conditioning that brings deeper and deeper submission rather than just raw fear on its own and bitch-boy has had so many years of being so conditioned.

        may i ask Ma’am if You ever permit bitch-boy any ‘normal’ sexual pleasure and release? Or perhaps to put it another way when did You stop permitting it, either by masturbation or anything else, and was it a sudden decision or a slow development? Your picture, that truly mesmerizes and is now on my desktop (and i hope You dont mind Ma’am?) gives but the merest indication of how frustratingly agonising it must be for bitch-boy, or any male, to be in Your magnificent presence and to then receive in response such intensely cruel sexual torture and or punishments.

        As always Mistress Scarlet, i have absolute and ever deepening admiration and respect for You as a supreme example of how a Woman can have what She wants and needs and as Her absolute right. i am sure the experience of dominating and ruling bitch-boy has hugely increased Your confidence and produced an ever intensifying radiance as a supreme Woman.

        servileslave, on it knees.

        • Bitch-boy’s ocassional sexual releases always involve a harsh session of dickie-discipline first and often have a degrading climax too. I sometimes use the spoiled orgasm technique if I am feeling really bitchy. All delightful fun.

      • Paula says:

        Many thanks for that insight Mistress Scarlet. I can see that my road to better myself as a Mistress is taking a ‘step change’ at present and I do believe there are ‘like minds’ here. I may not be at the point of the extremities of punishment that you have reached yet but I do see things moving that way. I guess the key word here is ‘yet’..! I always said to Paula that she should ‘be careful what you wish for’ and now I do believe that I need to shake off the shackles of consideration and focus on ME and what I want far more than I currently do…no matter what that is.

        Its a pleasure to liaise with you and learn to increase my control and power as a Mistress. Whilst I will not pester you on here I would like to focus my mind on me and I do value the insight from your experience and to learn from that. Many may see this as a weakness in a Mistress but I certainly see your books and blog/site as an opportunity to strengthen a very worthwhile cause……that is….ME…! Sincere regards…

      • Richard Bonder says:

        You are amazing. HIgh IQ. What an amazing mind that you possess.

      • Richard Bonder says:

        You are The Goddess! Your mind is sensational. I love reading what you share…

  2. PrinceEdwardslave says:

    Really quite a wonderfully integrated sado- Domme approach to managing and using Your wonderful b-boy!…….and it seems that once trust is established, as it seems you have with b-boy, then the enhanced sadism only enhances the positive fear and respect he has for You….is all for the best!

  3. SB says:

    Lovely post and some good intelligent observations here.
    What you described is similar to that of an experience a good number of years back when for all intents a purposes i was the plaything of two older girls having restrained and blindfolded me teased me to the point of cumming after which they applied alcohol on my parts leaving me with a searing burning sensation while they laughed their socks off. What is interesting is for those of us who are submissive the ‘sadism’ doesn’t put us off although we might well whimper initially it seems to bring a sense of enhanced trust in the relationship, we feel comfortable with it as much as You enjoy the domination.
    Thanks again

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    May I humbly and respectfully say that I love the photo, Ma’am! Seeing your very sexy body holding the embrocation cream for bitchboy’s torment truly fires this sissy’s submissive desires! I never tire of reading of your cruel punishments of him, and I fully understand why he is in awe of You and worships the ground you walk on!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

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