You can now purchase my diaries without using

If you would like to receive a journal via email by using PAYPAL instead of using, please email me at   (stating which of the three volumes you wish to purchase) and I will send a PAYPAL  invoice to your email address. Make the payment on PAYPAL and I will email either an eBook or PDF download to your email address, whichever you have requested. (Paperbacks still have to be purchased from All versions of all volumes can still be purchased from – click on the My Diaries page tab above for excerpts and for the links.)

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3 Responses to You can now purchase my diaries without using

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Respectfully, i already have all three of Your truly wonderful journals, and have re-read them many times but will there be any more? Though i appreciate they must take a lot of work and time to produce i have to say i cant wait for the next, should there be one and in which case i will definitely use the new email service You have set up.

    servileslave to the Superior Female.

    • Thank you for the complimentary words. You are right, they do take quite some effort and time to produce. At the moment I have let my mind roam and am putting together a collection of short stories. Each is based on other lives I would have liked to have lived, had I not lived the wonderful life I am living. A life where I came to female dominance at a much younger age, a life where a male in the household is treated, beyond what is lawful – even worse than I treat my bitch-boy, a life set in the 1940s, when households of wealth still employed governesses. That sort of thing. I am enjoying the writing and will decide in due course whether to publish this. Further journals using extracts from my diaries of the last 11 years will however be published in due course.

  2. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    May i very respectfully give as much encouragement to You Ma’am that a mere male can and hope that You do publish the novel. i am sure if You produce one it will the first of many – You have a very creative and fertile imagination Ma’am – particularly when it is put into practice. There not enough Female authors of Femdom literature – and they are always better because they concentrate more on the Female view of things and i am very certain You will make a very distinct and noteworthy contribution to the genre.

    As for use of males ‘beyond what is lawful’ i would hope for a world where Females use of males is limited only by their imagination and not the nicety of laws – or rather where ‘law’ is formed and set only by Females and in terms of their interests and the male viewed as a sub-species deprived of protections but simply assessed for its use value to its natural Superior – without limit.

    It must at times feel very frustrating i am sure given how You now, and so rightfully and wonderfully, treat bitch-boy to have to run up against the possible sanction of laws that view males and Females as equal when we are clearly most definitely not, and even that males have some sort of rights, when we shouldnt have any what so ever, none.

    servileslave, on its knees before an absolutely Supreme and Magnificent Female.

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