More food fun

On Sunday, while I ate my lunch (prepared by bitch-boy), I had him
clean the bathroom. I told him to make a very good job of it. I think he knew
what I meant by that.

So my lunch finished and time to inspect the cleaning. I found one
of my hairs on the bath panel. Having informed bitch-boy that meant a caning
for slovenliness, I lifted the toilet seat and told him it was his lunch time.
He sighed so deeply and looked so sad.

The next ten minutes were spent with me dropping a spoonful of
cherry yoghurt onto the white china rim of the toilet and him licking that off.
Again and again until the yoghurt pot was empty. This is something I do quite
often so I assume he had properly cleaned the rim of the toilet in expectation.
His choice. It is delightful to look down at him, while his head dips down to
lick away, and all the while I verbally abuse him.

Once his lunch was consumed, it was time for the caning.


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9 Responses to More food fun

  1. PrinceEdwardslave says:

    what an ingenious way to keep your toilet sparkly clean!…..


  2. I like the idea of mixing food with sex

  3. wotsit1965 says:

    im so envious of the bitchboy ;-( x

    • I often write it, but I really am sure reality is not fantasy. Doing ALL housework and chores, not fucking or ever being allowed to fuck again, infrequent sexual relief, 24/7 penis restraint, harsh punishment and humiliation. No going back! Hmmmmmm?

  4. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Of course Ma’am, You are right to question such statements, but as one who has run away from it most of my life i know that there is no alternative or escape from the need nor any happiness free of it – which very respectfully is exactly why Women like You Ma’am can take and do what You like with us.

    It also has its compensations – being who we are and serving and pleasing Divine Women like You Ma’am.

    On my knees to You Ma’am.


    • The compensation of being tyrannically and cruelly dominated does satisfy the submissives soul although the price paid is steep. And being witness to all the acts of cruelty and pitiless exploitation by a dominant woman is a privilege, even if, the submissive has to be the subject of such cruelty and pitiless exploitation in order to be a witness of it. An exceptional reward for a very high cost, which seems just.

  5. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    i quite agree with You, it is absolutely just. But what is the alternative for males like bitch-boy and i? It is a profound unhappiness and certainly for me at one time, a deep depression, about not being able to be what i am – and success or material possessions out there in the world dont for a moment begin to touch that need – the only alternative, the only happiness is to be dominated by an extremely cruel and tyrannical Woman. Von Masoch said men have to either be the hammer or the anvil; either enslave a Woman or She will enslave them. i know which i am and have to be. To not be under a Womans’ cruel tyranny is to live a life empty and without meaning or purpose.

    On my knees to You Ma’am, as before all powerful Women.


  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    How very appropriate that bitchboy is given the cane for a single stray hair, Ma’am! i’ve often read that to be successful in a Femdom regime, there can be no exceptions to the rule of perfect service…a single stray hair is punished as severely as 10 stray hairs…poor performance is poor performance…full stop! If a male is allowed to get away with an “almost perfect job” once, then his performance will drop as will his “awe” of his Mistress!

    Thank You for being the strict, severe, unbending example that You are Ma’am…i am most certainly in awe!

    In submission,

    sissy jamieanne

  7. petevans69 says:

    I absolutely adore how You think Mistress Scarlet.

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