Cuckolding Delight

I found this on the net, printed it out on card and it is now ready to hang on MY bedroom door handle when a girlfriend next spends the night.

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One Response to Cuckolding Delight

  1. Jarrod says:

    Beautiful! I love it Mistress Scarlet 🙂 It reminds me of the chapter in your volume 3 of your journals when Mistress Mel comes to spend some time with you while your on Holiday. The teasing you both put bitch boy through is deverstating. I do love it in your journals when 2 Dominant females come together as the creativeness with 2 intelligent women is superb!
    As a submissive male I must say that being forced to watch 2 females sexually disireing themselves and teasing the slaves cuckolded cock at the same time can be a very very effective way to punish a male far more so than physical punishment. The shere desperation, frustration and mental desire completely destroys you. Its increadably cruel, decadant and a real turn on for the female to see a man so helpless and desperate while the girls enjoy themselves! Its one of your awsum punshments I so adore about you Mistress Scarlet. Would love to be put through more pain myself by reading lots more of that kind of punishment.

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