My writing now published for Kindle as well as

I am struggling to keep up with channels of distribution! Below are links to my written works. I hope you find this useful. It has taken bitch-boy a long time to do the donkey work to pull this post together satisfactorily, (oh how he regretted his first inadequate attempt!! 🙂 , before I signed it off. How does one get tedious jobs done without a slave???

Short Stories  PaperbackEPUBKindle UK  Kindle US  Kindle Fr  Kindle DE

Journal Vol 1  PaperbackEPUBPDFKindle UK  Kindle US Kindle FR  Kindle DE

Journal Vol 2  PaperbackEPUBPDFKindle UK  Kindle US  Kindle Fr Kindle DE

Journal Vol 3  PaperbackEPUB PDFKindle UK  Kindle US  Kindle Fr  Kindle DE

As an alternative to logging onto, I can send a PDF file direct to your email if you email me at   (stating which of the volumes you wish to purchase) and I will send a PAYPAL invoice to you.

The books are also available on Kindle ES and Kindle IT.

Finally, I must apologise to everyone who, up until recently, purchased Volume 1 of my journals in EPUB format (from the iBookstores and Barnes & Noble, et al). produced an awful conversion to this format, without my knowledge, which I pulled when I found out, and have recently replaced with a proper conversion.


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10 Responses to My writing now published for Kindle as well as

  1. Paula says:

    Well I have purchased all of Ms Scarlets books on behalf of Mistress. They are a fine read and very informative so I would definately make this investment. Great for a slave to read to his Mistress as I do for my own Mistress. How did you get into writng Ms Scarlet and how did you go about publishing?

    • I began writing for two linked reasons. The first was my wish for as many women as possible to enjoy a life like I lead, by fully exploiting a male submissive. The second was because almost all femdom material is either poorly written or is male fantasy absent of sensible reality (or both) and this pair of attributes is unlikely to convert many women.
      Writing for publishing takes a great deal of time compared to posting entries on a blog which I think many people fail to understand. In addition, publishing requires excellent knowledge of the very time consuming and tedious process of file conversions to satisfy today’s multi platform media needs, and the whims and foibles of publishing websites.
      Fortunately I have bitch-boy for all the latter, tedious technical drudgery.

  2. Paula says:

    You have done a super job to get three books published.

  3. Paula says:


  4. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    i am submissive in my early thirty’s living in Germany and would like to inform you know that I have read all of your work. You Journel, Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3.And I have nearly finished reading you first work on Short Stories.

    Mistress Scarlet, your style of writing is absolutely mind blowing to me. You are a very productive wicked artistic genius! Your words are pure Toxic to me! The sadistic way you treat your slave for your entertainment and amusement is awe to me. Mistress Scarlett, the art style of your sadism and intense domination is extremely addictive to me. Thank You Mistress Scarlet for sharing your imaginings and some parts of your life with as. Absorbed in thought I kiss the sole of your high heel shoe and wish you all the best!

    • I think my writing reflects the coming together of several things that perhaps do not often come together in one Femdom writer’s life. I am real and have a real helpless plaything and slave, so I can provide real experience over eleven years, so far, and not unrealistic male fantasy. I have shed all of my inhibitions about my sadism, cruelty, exploiting of bitch-boy and my sexuality. I never feel any guilt because, if my bitch-boy had not set me on this route, he would not suffer as he does. He truly has only himslef to blame. I have been fortunate to meet a few precious women who behave exactly as I do and that has reinforced to me the correctness of my lifestyle choice. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  5. For what it’s worth, I have been happy with CreateSpace (Amazon) and of course Kindle for my books, should you plan more in the future or want to switch over to them. Contact me if you have any questions. 🙂

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