They were going to be Xmas presents

I was going to give them to bitch-boy at Christmas but I can’t wait that long to use them so I will be using them very soon. Obviously this means no presents for bitch-boy on Christmas day, but I guess slaves don’t get presents anyhows. (A funnel feeder gag and an inflatable sheep, with rear orifice – his new girlfriend, he is not worthy of his inflatable woman!)

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15 Responses to They were going to be Xmas presents

  1. saratoga says:


    How beautifully degrading! The funnel gag, of course, is super-functional- for YOU! 🙂

    I will miss not knowing what nasty liquids you poured into bitch-boy at your whim.

    The inflatable sheep is truly disgusting and humiliating. Do you plan to have Domme friends watch with you as you force him to orgasm into an inflatable farm animal? Video the event?


  2. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Wonderful idea, after all i imagine he has been longing to ‘mount’ and fuck again.

    Will he be facing his superiors as he has his way with Her, and maybe verbalise his ardour and desire for Her, and might he have to give Her head first and then perform cream-pie clean up afterwards?

    Maybe slow hand clapping from his gathered superiors who might accompany his efforts with mockery and ridicule.

    i am sure all including ‘Dolly’ the sheep are going to have a wonderful time, though maybe bitch-boy wont be quite so emamoured by the end of it all.

    With great respect.

    servileslave at Your feet

  3. saratoga says:


    Seeing as how you plan to make a group spectacle of the event, I’m sure your readership would enjoy seeing a video of the event. Even if bitch-boy is hooded or masked, the energy and sheer humiliation will be priceless. Along with the ooohs, aaahs and snickers, if not outright gales of laughter from the assembled Domina host.

    Would be just priceless!


  4. ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

    sounds like it could be a ‘baaa cum lous’ occassion.. Please this slave hopes bitch boy rams it’s litte boy toy, in really hard for You Mistress Scarlet, for Your delicious entertainment…

    ting tong
    a non consenual slave Owned by Wonderful Mistress Shy.

  5. ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

    Please Mistress Scarlot, it’s this Owned slave using it as a play on the word…
    Mar (baa) – vell (cum) – lous …
    A Marvellous occassion for Your Delicious Entertainment…
    the sheep baa- ing as Your bitch boy cums inside it’s rear orifice….
    that’s of course if You, ( with this slave most respectfully acknowledging)
    that give Your bitch boy, Your Kind Permission of course..

    slave ting tong..

  6. Paula says:

    I have a similar ‘gag’ and when I saw one of my paying ‘boys’ I insisted in feeding piss against their will. I twisted and turned their mind to accept my gift….I blindfolded them and tricked ‘my piss’ into the glass….making ‘that’ sound like water dropping on water. I poured the piss into the funnel and the slave ‘freaked’ only to find I had poured in a nice weak orange juice….oh so cruel…! But fun and not agains their will at all…!!!

    Did I just see Ms Scarlet and ‘boy’ featured in the Independent? Respect…x

  7. fluffy says:

    wonders if bitch-boy has earned the right to amuse you yet with his sheep and whether you will include the account in one of your Journals?

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    I do believe i read about his delightful gift in volume 4, Mistress Scarlet! With bitchboy making passionate love to his his new girlfriend in from of an assembled group of Lady Superiors! A most wonderful read, and quite humiliating for bitchboy!

  9. derek says:

    Mistress, I am not sure where to post general suggestions but here is one you might like to consider.
    Whilst bitch-boy is amusing himself (or more probably yourself) colouring in his books or having a dolls tea party etc. why not increase his discomfort by giving him a ‘lolly’ to suck on? Not an ordinary one of course but I have seen the following rather devilish ones: . They may be too hot to deal with but then probably no worse than your stinging nettle torment or the deep heat treatment. Just an idea.

    • Thank you for the interesting idea but I already use lollies made with a mixture of water and my golden nectar and I prefer inflicting the shame associated with my frozen treats to the discomfort of your suggested treats.

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