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More Sensory Deprivation

Again, he was completely secured to the bed last night for three hours. I had him wearing his straight jacket and I secured his head gear to the bed head, along with his ankles to the bed which are in cuffs, and wearing a gag, blindfold and ear plugs too. The ear plugs are not ideal but some mouldable silicon wax ones are on order which I think will be far more effective at blocking out all sound.

I had a baby monitor beside me so that I could keep a check on him, not that he can get into any mischief! Mostly I have the monitor by my side because it makes me smile whenever I look at the screen and see how much power I have over him.

At the beginning of the 3 hours I told bitch boy, as I left the room and switched out the light, that he can think about the next evening as he lies there, because he is going to be doing the ironing, his least favourite chore, in his maids outfit, for the whole evening.

He was so sad and subjugated when I finally released him, he timidly said he had been close to a panic attack, but I felt no guilt. He is my plaything to do with as I wish.

My eclectic tastes!

My tastes are very eclectic. I like to employ so many different types of torment. It is not all sissy humiliation and petticoating for poor bitch-boy. On Sunday he spent over four hours in total sensory deprivation and extreme bondage. I am not usually that much into visuals, but the sight of him with blindfold, funnel gag, ear plugs, posture collar and so much restrictive bondage, that he could not move at all, got me so hot! He is in for a few more hours of his sensory deprivation tonight. I have a couple of DVD’s I want to watch.

Despite 14 days of denial, I ended the session with smacking his stiff little object with the ruler and applying Deep Heat, then locked back into his tube.

I will begin on Volume 4 of my journals this weekend because I just have to write a full account of the four-plus hours spent on Sunday. He has begged and begged, with all his heart, not to have a repeat session tonight, so I know I am doing the right thing.

Contents of advent calendar

I thought you would like to see a couple of the “special little presents” that bitch boy has found in his advent calendar.

The first is a lovely pink hair clip. It is rather beautiful I think, but bitch boy did not seem to think so when he opened the wrapping paper. His face fell and he looked very downhearted. It is extraordinarily large compared to others that I have seen that are similar. I have not made him wear it yet as I am saving that pleasure for Christmas day. How ridiculous he will look, cooking the Christmas dinner in his maid’s outfit, wearing a pink decorative hair clip (or two) in his wig.

The second present is a pink bow. Bitch boy has to decorate his own knickers. I have bought him this bow to sew onto a new pair of pink knickers that I have recently purchased. He has many pairs of knickers that he has hand sewn bows and ribbons and lace onto, under my instruction, but some of the knickers needed to be replaced and so I bought him a five pack of knickers. They came in shades of pink and white and one pair even had flowers on. Over the course of the Christmas holidays he will have to decorate his new knickers taking care to make them look as pretty as possible. I might even take a photo to show his handiwork on my blog, when I am satisfied that he has done a good job.

Almost Exclusive Lady Carole Art

Lady Carole has kindly forwarded me five of her works not readily available on the web, which she is happy for me to publish on my blog. I am honoured. She and I agree that there is inadequate material on the internet that properly depicts a household situation of a male helpless and in 24/7 chastity, enslaved in the long term, who is a plaything and slave of one or more sadistic, exploiting females, that use and abuse, torture, punish and humiliate. Many households, (like mine), are run on this basis, but this real life scenario so rarely features on the net.

Lady Carole Art