Almost Exclusive Lady Carole Art

Lady Carole has kindly forwarded me five of her works not readily available on the web, which she is happy for me to publish on my blog. I am honoured. She and I agree that there is inadequate material on the internet that properly depicts a household situation of a male helpless and in 24/7 chastity, enslaved in the long term, who is a plaything and slave of one or more sadistic, exploiting females, that use and abuse, torture, punish and humiliate. Many households, (like mine), are run on this basis, but this real life scenario so rarely features on the net.

Lady Carole Art

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6 Responses to Almost Exclusive Lady Carole Art

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    i couldnt agree more with everything You say Ma’am and believe the answer to the lack of good and imaginative imaging of Female domination and male subjugation is when Women take over the depicting of their Supremacy of the male – just as in the fine and imaginative drawings of Lady Carol.

    Lots of males have done good work but none of it conveys those feelings of power and superiority that only a Woman can know from having had males at Her utter mercy and under Her total subjugation and Her freedom to use and abuse them entirely as She wishes – as it should be.

    As always Ma’am, absolute respect to You.


  2. The Mistress Wants says:

    Expression, stance and presence…truly commanding. Captured beautifully.

  3. SB says:

    Such lovely drawings

  4. punkahwallah says:


    These drawings are lovely and inspiring – that You for posting them.

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Always love Lady Carole’s art…and love all of these…so appropriate…depicting things as they are meant to be!

  6. I love your drawings and art as have only just discovered them after a lifetime of interest and as there was nothing like this available until the internet spent my early life thinking I was on my own with these thoughts.

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