Contents of advent calendar

I thought you would like to see a couple of the “special little presents” that bitch boy has found in his advent calendar.

The first is a lovely pink hair clip. It is rather beautiful I think, but bitch boy did not seem to think so when he opened the wrapping paper. His face fell and he looked very downhearted. It is extraordinarily large compared to others that I have seen that are similar. I have not made him wear it yet as I am saving that pleasure for Christmas day. How ridiculous he will look, cooking the Christmas dinner in his maid’s outfit, wearing a pink decorative hair clip (or two) in his wig.

The second present is a pink bow. Bitch boy has to decorate his own knickers. I have bought him this bow to sew onto a new pair of pink knickers that I have recently purchased. He has many pairs of knickers that he has hand sewn bows and ribbons and lace onto, under my instruction, but some of the knickers needed to be replaced and so I bought him a five pack of knickers. They came in shades of pink and white and one pair even had flowers on. Over the course of the Christmas holidays he will have to decorate his new knickers taking care to make them look as pretty as possible. I might even take a photo to show his handiwork on my blog, when I am satisfied that he has done a good job.

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6 Responses to Contents of advent calendar

  1. Gotta love the holidays. Some post party photos would be lovely. 🙂

  2. The Mistress Wants says:

    You are so very kind to your bitch Ms Scarlet. Going to all that effort to think of all those little advent gifts…how kind of you…so very thoughtful. I hope the bitch fully appreciates the creativity, kindness and love you are expressing to her.

  3. sophie sissykins says:

    I would be completely overwhelmed with Sissy happiness to recieve such a pretty girlie gift,Your ungrateful bitch really should fall at your feet instead of showing such insolence

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    I think this is an appropriate place to thank You and express my deep appreciation, Ms Scarlet! I’ve been reading Your blog entries from the beginning and have made it to this point, and i’m currently enjoying volume 4 of Your wonderful journals, and as a sissy and submissive i wish to humbly express my deepest appreciation to You for sharing Your wisdom, Your lifestyle and Your talented writing with us! i think too often blogs are read and taken for granted, but i want You to know that Your efforts are so inspirational. Each day, i not only learn of Your techniques and torments of Your bitchboy, but i am reminded as well of my place in the scheme of things and reminded that there is always more room for improvement in my behavior, submission and servitude for the Superior Sex.

    With humble submission,

    sissy jamieanne

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