My eclectic tastes!

My tastes are very eclectic. I like to employ so many different types of torment. It is not all sissy humiliation and petticoating for poor bitch-boy. On Sunday he spent over four hours in total sensory deprivation and extreme bondage. I am not usually that much into visuals, but the sight of him with blindfold, funnel gag, ear plugs, posture collar and so much restrictive bondage, that he could not move at all, got me so hot! He is in for a few more hours of his sensory deprivation tonight. I have a couple of DVD’s I want to watch.

Despite 14 days of denial, I ended the session with smacking his stiff little object with the ruler and applying Deep Heat, then locked back into his tube.

I will begin on Volume 4 of my journals this weekend because I just have to write a full account of the four-plus hours spent on Sunday. He has begged and begged, with all his heart, not to have a repeat session tonight, so I know I am doing the right thing.

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2 Responses to My eclectic tastes!

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Have You thought of writing a novel? There is an enormous vacuum where the novel about Female led and Female dominated relationships ought to be. There are lots and lots of short stories, the best of which, rather as in Yours Ma’am, relate to the everydayness of Female domination, though invariably far to styalised as most are written my males or for the male market, but as You so rightly say in another posting You are very well placed to write a truly genuine story : ‘I am real and have a real helpless plaything and slave, so I can provide real experience over eleven years, so far, and not unrealistic male fantasy’.

    Thats what i like and admire about Your writings and if i may say so Ma’am Your style is developing the more You write. i realise of course that writing a novel is very different from that of a short story, even if only in time invested, but i respectfully feel You are in a very good position and with more that the talent, skill and experience with which to do it.

    Very respectfully.


    • Thank you for the complimentary words about my published works. You are right that a novel is a very great deal of work. It also requires the creativity for a begininng, middle and end – which is not necessary in a short story. I must admit that the Victorian governess tale in my short stories book, did especially get my creative juices flowing (so to speak, LOL) and I easily identified strongly with two of the female characters in that short story. I would love to have lived in that period of history and had the power to enjoy myslef with a hapless charge or two. I am tempted to expand that story with prequel and sequel material into a full novel. I will have a think about it.

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