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Mistress J

I have met a new local domme friend, Mistress J, and we have each visited the others’ house to double up on the helpless male sub within. She is very, very tall, has the most beautiful face, dresses with perfect sophistication, has a truly haughty firm expectation of complete submission in the males, is delightfully creative and is very, very cruel.

bitch-boy suffered severe humiliations and punishments during her visit, including eating the food we had both chewed and spat out, being whipped by my new friend with the chain section of a doubled over dog leash and some severe humiliations including having to perform nursery rhymes with actions in the most sissy way imaginable.

We have already set dates to visit each others’ houses again and the prospects for a long-term relationship are looking very good. bitch-boy is so intimidated by this prospect, and so he should be! I am so very, very pleased with the whole thing!

Meeting a female sub this week

I have suddenly developed an interest in experimenting with dominating a female and am meeting a potential sub this week. It has not interested me before but she sent such a delightful mail to me on which coincided with my new curiosity. Should it work out well, it will also be a further demotion for poor bitch-boy who I doubt very much will ever get to meet any submissive female whose company I am enjoying. But lots for him to imagine while he is all locked up, frustrated and denied.

Nook book, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, PC, Mac,

Two of my books are now published as Nook books and are available on Barnes and Noble. Apparently by downloading their App, Nook books can be read on an iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, PC, or Mac. Its a challenge to keep up with technology when there are so many other fun things to do already to fill your day.

NOOK book –Volume 1 of my journals

NOOK book – Female Domination Short Stories

Links to Amazon (Kindle) and to for all my journals, click here

Links to Amazon (Kindle) and to for my short stories volume, click here

Happy reading.

Just Say No

A tiny little word, just two letters, and what pleasure it can bring. Used in a calm, matter of fact voice, no other words added.

After I have just had two or three shattering, orally induced orgasms and he has been denied for many days.                                                                                                                  ‘Please may I be allowed to cum Mistress?’   ‘No.’

When he has just received his list of kitchen chores from me which will take at least two hours, and I sit with a DVD ready to watch.                                                                           ‘‘Please may I be allowed to listen to the radio Mistress?’ ‘No.’

When we are dressing and will be visiting my sister’s house and staying overnight.    ‘‘Please may I be allowed to wear men’s underwear instead of knickers this weekend Mistress?’ ‘No.’

When we are attending a party and neither of us need drive home.                                        ‘‘Please may I be allowed to drink alcohol this evening Mistress?’ ‘No.’

Just because I can. (just say no.)

New Section For The Blog

Ladies- adopt the lifestyle

My biggest pleasure from writing on this blog would be that, as a result, another woman, or several, adopt a lifestyle similar to mine and enjoy all that I do. To that end I have added a new section to this blog. On the top menu bar you will see the new heading, (Ladies – adopt the lifestyle),  I will be expanding this new section over time.

Christmas Tree Needles

When bitch-boy took down the Christmas tree, at least a hundred pine needles refused to be picked up by the vacuum cleaner, perhaps more, and in fact became enmeshed in the carpet weave. So there will be a little slave-maid on hands and knees with tweezers, removing each needle in due course, while I relax watching TV. However long it takes! A lovely belated Xmas  prezzy for me.

Crueller than last year

I have surprised myself a little, using Christmas as a measurement tool. I was so much crueller to poor bitch-boy this year than last year. I continue to get worse! Christmas Eve I relaxed and he did 7 hours of tedious chores in his parody maid’s outfit, and then suffered 4 hours of total deprivation bondage which he begged and begged not to have to undergo. Christmas Day he did four hours of tedious chores in his maids outfit, wearing his new hood (more on that later), and 4 hours of total deprivation bondage.

His presents –  I bought  him two pairs of very high heeled shoes for me to wear, and wearing either pair, I tower over him. I love them. I also bought him a beautiful and expensive underwear set for me to wear.  Despite these things being for me to wear, they are his presents because he gets the privilege and pleasure of seeing me in them.  That seems fair to me. I also bought a made-to-measure pink and cream rubber hood which zips up behind his head. (Picture of a black and white version of the hood below). It completely dehumanises him. He hates the heat and discomfort. He wore it during his 4 hours of chores Christmas day and I noticed that, I found myself being even crueller to this creature which had no human face, which was just a utility of toil, not a person, not my husband.

I bought him some little girl comics and, in due course, he will be playing the part of a little girl, at my feet, and working his way through each infantile, little girl’s game and story in each comic.

I also bought him some candy for a game I invented. On the 27th he did very badly playing the game for the first time, which resulted in him being strapped down and receiving 360 strokes with a number of my favourite implements of punishment. That was the demerit score he built up playing the game. By far the most I have ever dished out in one session. I had to stop after 200 and ‘satisfy myself’ as I had gotten so ‘hot’ with all his whimpering and squirming and the red vivid markings on his arse and backs of thighs. Truth be told, I have had to ‘satisfy myself’ or have him use his tongue, a great deal this holiday.

On the morning of the 30th I put him into cotton bondage (and a nappy and lockable rubber pants) and left him helpless and confined in bed while I went shopping for two hours.

I have become so much more cruel in the last 12 months, I wonder how much crueller I might yet get as the years pass by?

BTW, his gifts to me included some very, very expensive underwear and jewellery, and a few other things that were just perfect.