Crueller than last year

I have surprised myself a little, using Christmas as a measurement tool. I was so much crueller to poor bitch-boy this year than last year. I continue to get worse! Christmas Eve I relaxed and he did 7 hours of tedious chores in his parody maid’s outfit, and then suffered 4 hours of total deprivation bondage which he begged and begged not to have to undergo. Christmas Day he did four hours of tedious chores in his maids outfit, wearing his new hood (more on that later), and 4 hours of total deprivation bondage.

His presents –  I bought  him two pairs of very high heeled shoes for me to wear, and wearing either pair, I tower over him. I love them. I also bought him a beautiful and expensive underwear set for me to wear.  Despite these things being for me to wear, they are his presents because he gets the privilege and pleasure of seeing me in them.  That seems fair to me. I also bought a made-to-measure pink and cream rubber hood which zips up behind his head. (Picture of a black and white version of the hood below). It completely dehumanises him. He hates the heat and discomfort. He wore it during his 4 hours of chores Christmas day and I noticed that, I found myself being even crueller to this creature which had no human face, which was just a utility of toil, not a person, not my husband.

I bought him some little girl comics and, in due course, he will be playing the part of a little girl, at my feet, and working his way through each infantile, little girl’s game and story in each comic.

I also bought him some candy for a game I invented. On the 27th he did very badly playing the game for the first time, which resulted in him being strapped down and receiving 360 strokes with a number of my favourite implements of punishment. That was the demerit score he built up playing the game. By far the most I have ever dished out in one session. I had to stop after 200 and ‘satisfy myself’ as I had gotten so ‘hot’ with all his whimpering and squirming and the red vivid markings on his arse and backs of thighs. Truth be told, I have had to ‘satisfy myself’ or have him use his tongue, a great deal this holiday.

On the morning of the 30th I put him into cotton bondage (and a nappy and lockable rubber pants) and left him helpless and confined in bed while I went shopping for two hours.

I have become so much more cruel in the last 12 months, I wonder how much crueller I might yet get as the years pass by?

BTW, his gifts to me included some very, very expensive underwear and jewellery, and a few other things that were just perfect.

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6 Responses to Crueller than last year

  1. The Mistress Wants says:

    Oh how delightful Ms Scarlett. She is a lucky sissy. I find that whilst our style of domination and humiliation of our sluts is quite different…that I may adopt a more severe style this year myself as I grow further as a Mistress. It will after all make Paula a better slave…kind of me to help her self development. I am sure Bitchboy is delighted and is going to be even more devoted to you this year.

    • Happy new year The Mistress Wants. I am sure Paula will in some way recognise it is kindness in you adopting a more severe style this year. Despite the increased mental and physical suffering our slaves will endure in 2012, we know that, most of all, submissives like to know where they stand. (Or should I say Kneel!). And the equation, although paradoxical and bizarre, is straightforward :- Increased cruelty and exploitation = Increased devotion, awe and obedience.

  2. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    One of the many things i so admire about Your blog Ma’am is that it is ALWAYS about the Females view on everything and NEVER EVER indulges the males fantasies (and its the same of course in Your writings).

    i wonder Ma’am, do You think Your increase in cruelty might have anything to do with by Your having been airing Your views and exploits on here for Your first full year and with Your writing and publishing Your Journals and stories? That perhaps that, and the feed back, particularly from other practicing Females, might itself further stimulate and provoke and encourage Your naturally (and wonderfully) cruel and sadistic nature?

    Just, i sincerely hope, a respectful thought Mistress Scarlet.

    As always, with great respect and immense admiration.


  3. A really gorgeous and beautiful, feminine hood. Would love to have one to wear, with matching uniform, for at least some of the time when serving my Goddess and doing my chores. May I ask where it can be bought? Also, absolutely yes, we males need to know where we stand (or kneel, as you point out) and, yes, as Female pressure and control increase, so it is an inevitable and irresistible logic that so do the devotion, respect/trepidation/fear and craving to obey and serve on our part. We stand no chance. Finally, WONDERFUL blog!

  4. I enjoy having a slave locked away in chastity, but then giving the key to another woman to hold. It is even more upsetting and humiliating to the slave.

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