New Section For The Blog

Ladies- adopt the lifestyle

My biggest pleasure from writing on this blog would be that, as a result, another woman, or several, adopt a lifestyle similar to mine and enjoy all that I do. To that end I have added a new section to this blog. On the top menu bar you will see the new heading, (Ladies – adopt the lifestyle),  I will be expanding this new section over time.

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3 Responses to New Section For The Blog

  1. Lady Carole says:

    Agree 100% it is my own goal also

  2. If more women would learn the joys of controlling their men, and tormenting their balls, they sure would LOVE it! If they were to discover that they can get their men to lick their asses and pussies for hours…Priceless!

  3. moneys says:

    my ex wife is inj total control of me. I serve her in chastity while she is free to have as amany lovers as she. wants. My pay is laid at her feet for tribute and i beg for any release. i am lucky man.,

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