Just Say No

A tiny little word, just two letters, and what pleasure it can bring. Used in a calm, matter of fact voice, no other words added.

After I have just had two or three shattering, orally induced orgasms and he has been denied for many days.                                                                                                                  ‘Please may I be allowed to cum Mistress?’   ‘No.’

When he has just received his list of kitchen chores from me which will take at least two hours, and I sit with a DVD ready to watch.                                                                           ‘‘Please may I be allowed to listen to the radio Mistress?’ ‘No.’

When we are dressing and will be visiting my sister’s house and staying overnight.    ‘‘Please may I be allowed to wear men’s underwear instead of knickers this weekend Mistress?’ ‘No.’

When we are attending a party and neither of us need drive home.                                        ‘‘Please may I be allowed to drink alcohol this evening Mistress?’ ‘No.’

Just because I can. (just say no.)

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5 Responses to Just Say No

  1. The Mistress Wants says:

    Oh and to see the disappointment and pain in the face…yet they so love it too. To worship and obey their Mistress is what really matters.

    • Yes. Disappointment and helplessness, which turns to awe through experiencing a dose of wanton, gratuitous meanness. And I love that they don’t even contemplate asking us to reconsider. They know there is no pity or mercy.

  2. “Please, Mistress, Can you skip telling my female boss at work, that I am a sissy-submissive, and my balls are always punished and I wear a chastity belt 24/7…I would really prefer the women at work, not to know this about me…can you please refrain from telling her?”

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    If there is no expectation of privilege, then there should be no disappointment…it’s obvious that You are strict in the extreme, Ma’am!

  4. westfal says:

    Gratuitous meanness can be so sweet.

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