Meeting a female sub this week

I have suddenly developed an interest in experimenting with dominating a female and am meeting a potential sub this week. It has not interested me before but she sent such a delightful mail to me on which coincided with my new curiosity. Should it work out well, it will also be a further demotion for poor bitch-boy who I doubt very much will ever get to meet any submissive female whose company I am enjoying. But lots for him to imagine while he is all locked up, frustrated and denied.

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6 Responses to Meeting a female sub this week

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    i just hope all goes well and You have all the pleasure and satisfaction You of course deserve and that, if it is Your wish, something enduring comes of it.

    Would i be right in thinking, that though submissive, Your Female submissive would none the less be viewed as very much superior to bitch-boy and all males?



  2. The Mistress Wants says:

    Cuckolding in a somewhat alternative way Ms Scarlet. I do hope all goes well…Bitchboy will adore you for being so kind to him.

    The Mistres Wants

  3. Shilgi says:

    For a long time I was pondering whether or not should I post my query.
    But as the curiosity became the better of me I started writing. I hope you don’t mind me inquiring.
    Anyway, I was wondering:

    What made you turn your sexual preference from the men to the women?

    A bit on the naive side – why do you even keep him?

    Isn’t that too much of a work for what, at least initially, was his fantasy (if I understood correctly).

    Is there anything left from the love that was first shared between you? Assuming you were like ‘normal’ couples – I’m guessing you had some affection towards each other – Then how does it manifest nowadays?

    What do you do when RL gets in the way unexpectedly? e.g. say you got sick or b-boy needs to attend, dunno, the bank in person? Maybe a family reunion is fast approaching. etc.
    I know there are quite a few couples that pursue a 24/7 kink lifestyle. Yet, everyone have to deal with surprises now and then.

    Is b-boy granted the luxury to pursue his own ambitions? I mean things like hobbies or other leisure activities? Or maybe he is kept denied of anything. How does that work, actually?

    And, how far will you take this? Is this forever? or for a certain time? Do you intend on having a two kids and a dog further on? Or are you re questioning the whole concept of household?

    But I will not leave with only annoying questions all around.
    I have also some ideas to share:

    I bet you’ve heard it already. If not – I know that some keep their slave under chastity and with no orgasm for a lengthy period of time by milking him. Ever thought of using it?

    You could always use ginger (as in ginger play) to inflict additional pain.

    And lastly – A domme told me once that she used to punish her ‘hubby’ (her term, not mine) by giving him bread, as dinner, that she placed at that day’s morning in the bottom of her boots. So when see came home her slave was ordered to unzip her shoes with his mouth, kiss her feet and then clean (by eating) the bread as his meal.

    • I don’t know what turned me from men to women.
      I keep him because he is overwhelmingly my main source of amusement and of sexual gratification, and he does all the chores and waits on me hand-and-foot and worships the ground I walk on. Being worshipped and adored, having someone in awe of you, is very pleasurable, it is more than a state of being for him. I get pleasure from owning a pet, a toy, a plaything, a servant. If I had a permanent live-in female lover then the sexual gratification element may go, but all the rest would remain.

      He adores and worships me. I love him dearly. I have invested many years in his training. I guess it might be love in the way people love a well trained pet dog. They would hate to lose the pet.

      There are many occasions when we need to act as a vanilla couple, although obviously he behaves as the perfect courteous gentleman. My bitch-boy happens to be the most intelligent and courageous person I have ever met. Should we find ourselves in a dodgy part of a city at night, for instance, there is no one I would feel more secure with. If I have a tedious problem to resolve, he takes on anyone or any organisation on my behalf, with assertiveness and solutions to problems.

      He runs a very successful business which he loves. His hobbies do have to be quite limited in the time they take up.

      It is for ever. There will not be children.

  4. nice and well thought out integration with life-vanilla indeed.

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