Mistress J

I have met a new local domme friend, Mistress J, and we have each visited the others’ house to double up on the helpless male sub within. She is very, very tall, has the most beautiful face, dresses with perfect sophistication, has a truly haughty firm expectation of complete submission in the males, is delightfully creative and is very, very cruel.

bitch-boy suffered severe humiliations and punishments during her visit, including eating the food we had both chewed and spat out, being whipped by my new friend with the chain section of a doubled over dog leash and some severe humiliations including having to perform nursery rhymes with actions in the most sissy way imaginable.

We have already set dates to visit each others’ houses again and the prospects for a long-term relationship are looking very good. bitch-boy is so intimidated by this prospect, and so he should be! I am so very, very pleased with the whole thing!

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7 Responses to Mistress J

  1. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    May i just congratulate You on finding what sounds like so liked minded a companion in Mistress J, and hope that whatever its basis that the relationship flourishes to the benefit of You both and brings forth great pleasure and enjoyment.

    i keel in respect and admiration before You.


  2. The Mistress Wants says:

    How delightful…an additional Domme and a new Femme sub in a week…! Bitchboy must be feeling oh so vulnerable and even a bit ‘lost’ in understanding his lowly position even though he will know he is bottom of the pile no matter what.

    Having read your reply, Ms Scarlet (to another of your followers) it is nice to ‘see’ the close bond you have with Bitchboy. Whilst we get high levels of pleasure in humiliating and using the sluts…they are dear little things. The likes of Bitchboy and Paula are a special breed…but clearly not as special as ourselves…!!!

    • Oh how I love your comments, they always indicate such a delightful cruelty and an absolute confidence in the helpless submission of little subbies to whatever we choose. Which of course is how it is, but you signify it so well!

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    i am very pleased to read that you have likely find a soul mate and maybe even a real friend. i do remember that you posted somewhere at the beginning of your Blog entries that you would find it exhilarating if you can get into contact or exchange of new ideas with Mistresses that have a similar way of life like you have. i am eminently eager to read and learn what kind of severe humiliation bich-boy has to suffer from you and Mistress J for your amusement as well as satisfaction of wants.

    In conjunction with bich-boy is the realization of my need and desire to serve and answer to the superior female in the same time period as bich-boy, from a very early age. Mistress J seems also like you to be dangerously beautiful with outstanding personality. Dominat and delightfully creative as well as very, very cruel.

    Mistess Scarlet, i am eagerly interested in the way your dominance and cruelty has developed and further does. Did you or mybe one of your sister’s or if i may ask Mistress J felt the need or desire to humiliate or torture in a similarly way bich-boy any me, and certainly many other males felt the need get – so to speak, under the high-heels shoes of a true Mistress early in live?

    All my deep respect and best wishes to you, Mistress Scarlet and Mistress J,
    as well as all other females!


  4. Ms Scarlet, it is an absolute honour to have been mentioned on your blog…

    I thoroughly enjoy our friendship and cannot wait for our next encounter!

    Bitch-boy is grows more and more nervous each day.

    Best Wishes

    Mistress J, DBL

  5. Joro says:

    Have you considered a period of ‘double lock’ so that neither your sub nor hers can be released from chastity without BOTH of you present and agreeing?

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