Monthly Archives: February 2012

Baking Practice

Poor bitch-boy spent a good deal of Sunday in the kitchen baking. Miss J is coming over this weekend for tea and asked for a homemade chocolate cake as her desert. Bitch-boy hates baking cakes but he had to practice the cake so that it would be perfect when he cooks the real thing next weekend. Well his first effort was wonderful (he did not even get to taste it!). He also cleaned the kitchen to perfection when he had finished baking. At the end of the week he must repeat the baking to make the cake that will be served to Miss J. He will not get to taste that one either. He is dreading Miss J’s visit as much as I am looking forward to it. She is very exacting with an incredible eye for detail and she and I both apply harsh punishment for the slightest error

Nurse Nasty and TSD bondage

Well a new experience for bitch-boy and I yesterday. I adopted one of my favourite roles of Nurse Nasty, but I also put bb into total sensory depravation between nurse’s visits to her patient. I have to say I found it all very arousing and delightful – not so bb I’m afraid. He begged pitifully to not undergo it but he is my play-toy and I am free to do whatever I want with him, and he only has himself to blame for the situation.

He was strapped to the bed for over 4 hours in all and Nurse Nasty visited him four times. (Those of you who have read my journals will have read the detailed descriptions of Nurse Nasty’s treatments and regimes.) Suffice to say, there was a drip for his funnel gag, filled with my nectar. There was a thorough cleaning of his little clitty with a toothbrush and soap, then a very, very hot flannel wrapped around it. It did keep getting all hard which I am sure was due to the beneficial medical treatments rather than that he had not cum for 14 days and I was stroking and squeezing between treatments. Then a lemon juice soaked bandage wrapped around it nicely while all the pores were open after the hot flannel. Oh the whimpering and tears and sobbing, I just had to take a break to ‘see to myself’ while he continued to sob and whimper, such sweet, arousing music.

Three other treatment sessions followed with about an hour between each, during which time he was secured at every limb joint and gagged, ear plugged and blindfolded. I used my video baby monitor to keep an eye on him while I watched DVDs and made phone calls. Other treatments included my Erostek electrical unit while I read a book, Deep Heat embrocation cream, the trusty ruler and some other things. I had to ‘see to myself’ several times although once I also queened him.