Baking Practice

Poor bitch-boy spent a good deal of Sunday in the kitchen baking. Miss J is coming over this weekend for tea and asked for a homemade chocolate cake as her desert. Bitch-boy hates baking cakes but he had to practice the cake so that it would be perfect when he cooks the real thing next weekend. Well his first effort was wonderful (he did not even get to taste it!). He also cleaned the kitchen to perfection when he had finished baking. At the end of the week he must repeat the baking to make the cake that will be served to Miss J. He will not get to taste that one either. He is dreading Miss J’s visit as much as I am looking forward to it. She is very exacting with an incredible eye for detail and she and I both apply harsh punishment for the slightest error

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5 Responses to Baking Practice

  1. It is so delicious to have a friend punish your slave, isn’t it?

  2. chastysissy says:

    Dear Mistress I hope that you and Miss J enjoy your tea and that the cake baked by BB is again up to your required high standards. I wonder what BB will be eating, obviously not the delicious cake! An idea could be to do the following with BB as ‘Belindakins’ (in my humble view the most humiliating aspects for him of your diaries): I recently visited my ‘Mummies’ (2 pro-Dommes whom I’ve seen for a long time) and was dressed as a little sissy girl and strapped into my high chair to be spoon-fed sloppy wheatabix made with Mummy’s special nectar. Talk about having your cake and eating it too…. Obviously you know best Mistress, however I thought the idea might amuse you at least. Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy your cake. Chastysissy x

    • As you may have imagined, I have aded my nectar to bitch-boys meals and to drinks from time to time as well as my spit and he always has to say thank you. One question, do your ‘mummies’ have a web site?

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    It does seem a wee bit sad that bitchboy doesn’t even get to taste the cakes he bakes, but then…that’s his lot in life!

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