An interesting question

I received an interesting question in a comment on my blog. I thought I would post the question and my response.

Thank you Mistress Scarlet for your wonderful writings! Having bought your 3 Journals (for my iPhone) I read them pretty much back to back. Having said that, although I have been with my Goddess for almost a year, I think we are some way from the kind of techniques and lifestyle you describe.

That said, I did have one question if you have time. I can understand that the pain and denial never lose their edge, but hasn’t bitch-boy got used to the extremely humiliating outfits by now? You seem to have him in them an awful lot, after all. Or is it the games that keep it fresh? I’d still somehow expect him to become acclimatised, or am I not understanding the dynamic?

Many Thanks!


Thank you for the appreciative words about my journals Armando. You ask an interesting question about bitch-boy becoming acclimatised to the humiliating outfits. I had to think about my answer for a while.

I will focus on three outfits. His black and white, knee length maid’s uniform. His pink maid’s uniform and pink little girl’s frock, both with the hem coming down only to his hips.

I think there are several reasons why acclimatisation is minimised. Firstly, because my tastes are so eclectic, he may go a week or 10 days without wearing a shame outfit because for that period, I happen to have him do his chores when I am not in the house, and when I am in the house I have him in TSD bondage or some other significant torment not involving shaming clothes.

Second, in addition to the week or 10 days, he often does his chores and serving when I am at home in his black and white maid’s uniform. This uniform is his least shaming but when he is in it, I treat him exactly as an irrelevant maid. I virtually ignore him as he goes about his duties and serving although I am quick to bring the cane into use for a poor curtsey or other infraction. So this uniform gives him a sense of being very low in status and in significance to me.

Third, if it is just the two of us, I think he has become acclimatised a little but I can see that in his pink maid’s uniform, each curtsey pains him in its pointlessness as the hem is already at waist height. He has a very large ribbon around his genitals and I will often comment on this which adds to the clear sense of exposure and vulnerability his uniform brings him.

Fourth, his acclimatisation is minimal in his little girl’s frock because it is so ludicrous with its tinkling bells at the hem and there are all the ways I heighten his humiliation. Having to hold his big dolly, and even worse talk to it and play with it. His mincing ribbons. His nursery rhymes with actions. And, of course, my frequent and harsh comments about how ridiculous he looks and how he is just a toy, a human doll, for me to dress humiliatingly for my amusement.

Finally and most importantly by far, there is clearly no acclimatisation at all when I host other dominant females and he is in a shame outfit. The trembling and trepidation in the minutes waiting for them to arrive and the crushed demeanour and pure shame when they are present is very apparent!


6 thoughts on “An interesting question

  1. Dear Mistress Scarlet, congratulations on your truly majestic imagination regarding how you ensure such high levels of humiliation for BB. I so enjoyed the parts of your journals where he is dressed with hip length hems, thankyou. Having then admitted it to my ‘Mummy’ Domme (She instantly grinned with delight and then selected a ridiculously short dress for me to expose my shaven genitals – there is a pic posted on her website – I gave you the details as you requested – I hope you got them? – when I’d posted the idea about wheetabix with nectar for a meal – also pictured on Mummy’s site), I can definitely atest to the hightened humiliation felt from being so exposed.
    I can only imagine what it would be to have that compounded by the presence of additional Dominant Ladies to snigger away at such a ridiculous sight.
    Yours in wonderous awe and admiration, chastysissy

  2. I think there is another point to raise here too. A lot of men/slaves/subs seem to think we sit around all day in fetish wear brandishing a whip or crop. Likewise they seem to think our sluts/slaves live ‘full time’ in humiliating outfits…being feminised and so on. Apart from this simply not being realistic, we, as dominant women do not need any props or ‘costumes’ to assume and take the upper hand/dominant position. It is this that also ensures that ‘acclimatisation’ does not ensue as Ms Scarlet quite rightly highlights. There is no question in my mind that Bitchboy and Paula know exactly what their role and place in life is no matter what the circumstances.

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