Ignoring his little object – almost

For over two weeks now I have kept his little object locked into its narrow tube without any attention – almost. BTW, it cannot get anywhere near properly hard in its unyielding tube. Every few days I supervise him shaving it, washing it and it remains flaccid under threat of severe punishment, then back into its tube.  I have queened him almost every other day during this period. Each queening session, after one or two tremendous orgasms for me, I recover, and calmly instruct him to attend to a chore. ‘Go and tidy the kitchen pansy-piece.’ ‘Go and clean my boots bitch-boy.’ ‘Go and prepare the evening meal.’ He is a picture of resigned, powerless, sad submissiveness as he walks from the room, and I get a wonderful rush of cruel power!

A couple of days ago, we were preparing to go out for a meal. After bathing, I again queened him. Then had him kneel facing the wall, wrists bound behind him while I dressed and put on my make-up. Then, when I was ready, I asked him if he wanted some attention. He gushed that he did. His wrists remained bound and, tube removed, I tickled his shaved balls with one hand and slowly pumped his little granite hard object with a tight fist with my other hand.

His mewing and gasps of pleasure and joy were very amusing. He was sooooo sensitive. After some edging, the trusty ruler and Deep heat were produced and the gasps turned to whimpering and begging. I was harsh, repeatedly.

After over half-an-hour I told him his attention was over. He looked like he may cry as he returned his object to its tight tube and I padlocked it through his frenum piercing ring. Just before we left, I had him lick me clean after urinating and lick some drops from the floor, then thank me for being allowed to do so. I could sense, mixed within his cocktail of sadness and hopelessness was, a very deep awe of me. Delightful!

11 thoughts on “Ignoring his little object – almost

  1. How utterly delightful. I don’t know what it is but that ‘puffed up’ feeling when you see them on the verge of tears is quite stimulating isn’t it Ms Scarlet? As for the bitch being given the honour of being your toilet paper….he does not know how lucky he is.

    Always inspiring Ms Scarlet…! Thanks.

    1. I have always assumed that the ‘rush’ of ownership/pleasure/satisfaction/excitement/arousal one gets when they are on the verge of tears is because that moment signals that they are divested of every last shred of dignity and self-respect, because of our actions and the power we wield over them.

  2. Dear MsScarlet, Your words are incredible and Your stictness is so admirable.

    May i ask, what is the longest bitchboy has remained locked up?

    i only ask as i would like to disipline myself to this level too, as i currently have not found a Goddess like Yourself to do so yet.

    Kindest regards,

    1. The absolute minumum gap between release events is one week, but this is rare. Generally release events are two or three weeks apart. The longest has been 31 days. Sometimes, of course, these release events are spoiled orgasms so prostate health is maintained but sexual desperation is also maintained. Beneficially, I have found that bitch-boy remains almost contstantly desperate when release events are three weeks apart. On this schedule, within hours of a release event, he seems to be as desperate as if there had not been a release event. In the early days I realised it took two release events, perhaps within the same day or the second event on the following day, to fully remove the desperation three weeks built up. But things move on and I am afraid I no longer allow two close release events of this nature.

      1. Dear MsScarlet, please accept my many sincere thank You’s for Your response. i am truly grateful for Your reply. 

        i am currently at one week of no release without a chastity device, and to have this discipline is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially when i read of how amazing You are and how You treat the bitchboy. You are a genius and real Goddess!

        Thank You for helping in my development, it may be nearly time before i break and have to release but i only hope that soon someone will take control to push me to become a mere piece of Her property. At least then i will be able beg for release, and learn what true denial is. 

        On my knees and in complete awe of You, 

        un-named boy.

        1. I also hope you become a woman’s property. It is an earnest hope of mine that more woman take full advantage of the submissive men in the world and I try to play my part in bringing that hope to frutition.

  3. Mistress Scarlet
    There are so many males in this country that go to bed every night dreaming of being owned. I really don’t think that there are enough women to fill this gap. BUT, BECAUSE OF WOMEN LIKE YOU SOMEDAY US MALES MIGHT EXPERIENCE THIS LIFE.
    I say, women like you because all of you superior women that are on the computer with your blogs and forums, the message is bound to get out.
    Women are attending universities at a FAR greater degree than ever before. (I believe that women outnumber MALES by about 54%) so this is a testament to all of the young women in this new generation. Women will eventually outnumber males by 80% to 20% and this is not far off. WOMEN ARE THE FUTURE AND IT IS SO IMPORTANT FOR US MALES TO HELP IN ANY WAY WE CAN TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    Thank you so much for your blog and all of your writings, I CURTSY AND BOW TO YOU AND YOUR MAGNIFICENSE. I am an older submissive, but I still PRAY TO GOD that I will be owned by a lady like yourself.

    With all of my love
    Karen Marie

  4. Mistress Scarlet! Your cruelty and sadism amaze me…and yes, i’m sure bitchboy is in awe of You and Your superiority! i am in awe, and i don’t even suffer from Your punishment! Thank You for sharing Your lifestyle, Mistress.

    In awe and admiration,

    sissy j

  5. Good point MsScarlet in that i also need more than one release every few weeks to remove that desperation as you say with BB, and that in fact giving him only that one release periodically without a subsequent second release soon thereafter does probably brings back his genuine sexual desperation soon thereafter as you have noticed.

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