We know who the image is aimed at

Can there really be any doubt that the image on the front cover of the latest Radio Times magazine is aimed at submissive men (and women) who fantasise about nasty nurses? I don’t think so.

Although, I would certainly enjoy the prospect of spending a day or two collaborating with the featured female in subjecting my poor, confined to bed, bitch-boy to a day or two of Nurse Nasty treatments. Her pictured image suggests she would enjoy those tears and that despondent whimpering just as much as I do. And what she and I could get up to away from bitch-boy in my own bedroom in those ‘rest’ periods for our patient is also a delightful thought.

Is this yet more mainstreaming of the BDSM lifestyle?

3 thoughts on “We know who the image is aimed at

  1. I have always thought Emilia Fox (of the Fox “acting family”) is a rather attractive and sexy lady, which is far more than can be said about the overwhelming majority of women, often famous for no valid reason, which the media relentless thrust at us as desirable, beautiful and sexy… when this is not the case. Emilia Fox first came to my attention when she played one of the main characters in the re-make of the (sixties?) light-hearted detective series “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)”. I noticed her in part because she frequently wore lovely boots! Certainly, with her latex gloves and stern stare, she would instill compliance in any patient she dealt with in the role of “Nasty Nurse”!

  2. The Lady does look more than prepared to inflict copious amounts off pain to a sissy clitty…i quite imagine You and She would work very well together, Ma’am!

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