My current musing

Wonderful art reflecting my current musing. Poor bitch-boy’s continuing slide into a marginalised drudge and gimp role may be inevitable! I usually get my way in turning my musings into reality.

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7 Responses to My current musing

  1. vanessachaland says:

    Quite lovely artwork. I wish I had that talent.

  2. The Mistress Wants says:

    Yes, cucking the slut with a female is even more of a strain for poor Bitchboy..!

    • It is certainly a strain for his chastity tube. But of course while it might strain, it will never give – not even a fraction. I know that even when he never gets to meet a female lover I take, just his thoughts about what I get up to with her are lovely torture to pile onto his sexual denial burden.

  3. The Mistress Wants says:

    Yes indeed Miss Scarlet. I am planning a nice weekend (27th/28th April) which will take Paulas cuckold dimension to whole new level. Very cruel but both you and I know how much the poor pathetic creatures love to please us at their own ‘expense’. I am delighted that you pleasure yourself whilst being so very kind to Bitchboy. Hes very, very lucky.

    • Yes, he is very, very lucky and I often remind him of that. Normally when I am wearing little but high heels. I would love to hear about the cuckold dimension you have planned. I do hop you will post about it.

  4. paingrrl says:

    Your musings are delicious!
    Pain grrl

  5. westfal says:

    As you do also it seems regularly with your BB, my former Goddess who had much in common with you MsScarlet, would regularly remind me how lucky i was to submit to her harsh treatments……comes with the slave-boy territory for us i suppose:)

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