Link removed

Lady Governa & The District Reformatory, a delightful domme I am sure I would adore to share some time with. Such a shame that the link no longer works. I wonder why.


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7 Responses to Link removed

  1. chastysissy says:

    What a lovely clip Mistress. Wonderful at the end when the sissy has it explained that Lady Governa decides everything, such appropriate total domination. It goes to show what a wonderful and genuinely superior Goddess you are Mistress that you selected such a clip. Yours humbly, chastysissy x

  2. ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    Respectfully this lowly slave confirms having previously met Lady Governa, Yes She is as You have correctly stated, a delightful extremley exacting and sadistic Domme…
    slave would humbly imagine You would experience delightful fun times together…

    ting tong

  3. chastysissy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, Lady Governa’s web location has simply moved and is now I think that your link posting just before it then ceased working was just a coincidence.
    Apparently Her web provider didn’t want to host a site dedicated to Femdom AB/Nappy humiliation etc. such stupid prejudice!
    Anyhow, I hope that helps and also obviously that Lady Governa finds a comfortable new web home, yours humbly, chastysissy x

  4. chastysissy says:

    Oh dear, sorry Mistress Scarlet, that was stupid of me. Please accept my humble apologies, chastysissy x

  5. tellster says:

    perhaps these are the links You are looking for:
    Yours in submission;

    • These are the videos, however it is now not possible to see my favourite video in its full length without paying. So I doubt many of my blog followers will see it. Thank you though.

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