Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Sweet Music of his Whimpering

I had made a lot of effort on my appearance and I was looking especially beautiful. I was struck by a sudden need for gratification. Ironically given my previous post, there was no time for the gathering of nettles. I wanted cruel pleasure without delay.

By the time bitch-boy was bound naked, face-up on the bed, restraint removed, my thoughts about how I would be torturing him, had got me very aroused. I queened him immediately. First requiring deep arse worship and then licking to a huge O. I rested and then enjoyed a second instalment of each. I rested briefly again. Then my hands went to work on his shaved vulnerable genitalia. He was so hard, so quickly. Time for my ruler. He yelped with each hard smack. Now the first coating of Deep Heat embrocation cream. He began begging when the caustic smell reached his nostrils. After around twenty seconds the burning began and so did his whimpering. Delightful. More smacking. A second coating of Deep Heat. More smacking. His very red (and small) shaft of sensitive flesh still became granite hard when I manipulated it, despite the pain. Males are such strange creatures!

Yet more smacking and then, to his apparent disbelief, a third and generous coating of the cruel cream. Now the whimpering was loud, constant, desperate, distressed and pathetic. My favourite music as I wandered around the room, casually observing him and his misery while sipping a lovely glass of chilled wine.

The music of his whimpering tipped me over the edge of fresh desire. I lay top-to-tail on the bed next to him, the sole of one 6 inch heeled shoe pressed to his face and I brought myself to another huge O.

I cannot imagine ever becoming tired of the music of that desperate whimpering sound. It delights and arouses me as much today as the first time I heard it, many, many years ago. It struck me that there are a good number of activities and reactions that I will never, ever become tired of. I am minded to post a list of them.