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Struggling to swallow

Four hours of total sensory deprivation bondage for him again yesterday. I seem to be addicted to this style of torture of him!! It was Nurse Nasty style this time. Those many of you who have read my journals will know, in detail, what that means for poor bitch-boy. (Yes there were lots of applications of Deep Heat embrocation cream after the pores of the little object had been opened nicely with a, so hot flannel.)

One of the many treats I subjected bitch-boy to on one of my visits to him was when I used the syringe with a pencil sized nozzle to feed my nectar down into his funnel gag. Laying on his back, with no pillow, he struggles to swallow the ‘sweet’ tasting nectar. I found I enjoyed his frantic swallowing and his almost panic-state that he might choke, just as much as inflicting the taste and degradation I was subjecting him to. I portioned out the syringe squeezes to be generous enough so that he struggled and panicked each time I delivered a fresh jet of nectar. It was such a power rush, I just had to ‘attend’ to myself after a while. I still seem to be getting worse with what I find stimulating. Never mind.

Things I will never get bored of.

Although I have been dominating bitch boy for over 11 years now there are some wicked pleasures that I have never grown tired of and know I never will. As I am in the fortunate position of having some time to relax at the moment I have allowed my thoughts to wander to what I most enjoy doing to torment my sub for my pleasure.

I should probably mention that as I type this he is kneeling on a square of coir matting that is about 12 inches by 12 inches. His arms are secured behind his back in black leather bondage straps and he is facing the wall. He is facing the wall so that he does not have the distraction of watching me type in my figure hugging, short green dress, gold dangling earrings and sky high patent shoes. I want him totally focussed on the pain in his knees. He has begged and whimpered a bit now that over thirty minutes has gone by. I told him whimpering is OK. Begging is not.

I have identified five amusements that bring me never ending entertainment.

One: Unsurprisingly my first pleasure is the ability to have orgasms on demand. Whatever time of day or night, I can just say “I am going to have an orgasm now” and that is exactly what happens. I can choose whether I have my orgasm on the bed, on a chair or outside on a sun lounger, for example. I can also chose whether to have him lick me or finger me to orgasm and indeed how many times I want to come. There are not many women in the general population who have this degree of control and it is a very good reason for taking charge of their relationship and their sub.

In terms of discipline there are two actions that I turn to time and time again. The first is dickie discipline and the second is a sound caning of my subs bottom.

Two: I read about dickie discipline many years ago and it immediately appealed to me and I have since introduced several other Mistresses to its pleasures. One of the benefits is its simplicity because I consider that at its most fundamental it simply involves a ruler. To have my sub bound and stood in front of me, while I relax in a chair and alternately tease his clitty so that it becomes hard and then smack it firmly, all over with a ruler is indeed a joy. The clitty soon turns a lovely red colour. I love the fact that even though my sub knows the only reason that I am stroking his little clitty is to enlarge it, so that I can smack it all over, he just cannot help himself getting hard. This game can be augmented, by including the use of Deep Heat embrocation cream, or lemon soaked bandages and sometimes I also use a pack of cards. If I turn over a red card bitch boy gets smacked, if I turn over a black card bitch boy gets teased. The odds can be changed by removing some of the black cards!

Three: I have many different types of implement for dishing out a sound beating to my subs bottom including a tawse, several different types of paddle, several crops, a quirt, training whip and a red leather flogger. Although I have spells of preferring one implement to another, it is my red velvet handled cane that I like the best of all of these toys and to which I return time and again. It is my cane that hangs by a loop round the door handle in the dining room so that I can access it quickly when bitch boy executes a sub standard curtsey for example. It is also my cane that is on the coffee table now, ready to be picked up and used should bitch boy make too much noise while I am typing or should he dare complain again about his knees hurting, which they must be terribly by now. I like the fact that the cane is light, some of my implements are quite heavy, and the cane is very easy to handle backhanded. I also like the fact that it can be used to give an all over warming effect or stronger strokes leave the bottom with attractive stripes. No wonder it is such a winner.

Four: Total sensory deprivation gives me a real power trip. I fix bitch boy to the bed using cuffs, body belt, collar and chains so that he is completely immobile. I also use wax ear plugs, a blind fold, a gag and a leather hood so that I can also secure his head in place. I make sure that he cannot move at all, not an inch, and then I draw the curtains and leave him. I put him into a nappy as I sometimes leave him over four hours at a time, but I keep the video baby monitor with me so that I know that he is secure and not coming to any harm. I know that bitch boy truly does not like at all being restrained in this way and this adds to my pleasure immensely. It is wonderful to be able to make somebody submit so totally to my whim.

Five: Making my bitch boy wear knickers that he has had to decorate with ribbon bows still amuses me every time I see him in them, which is every day. I love buying the knickers and presenting them to him as a gift because he always looks so crestfallen when he takes them out of the bag. Then I have the fun of watching him sew the ribbon on once he has turned the ribbon, which is always pink, into large bows. He is extremely subdued when he is sewing, which just makes me laugh. Then finally I have the pleasure of seeing him in the dreaded knickers every day unless he has a doctor’s appointment or similar in which case he has to ask permission not to wear them. It never fails to make me smile when I tell him how pretty his knickers are and I see his demeanour change to downcast and embarrassed.

With these delicious pleasures available to me, is it any wonder that bitch boy knows that we will never go back to a vanilla lifestyle. I simply could not countenance it!