Struggling to swallow

Four hours of total sensory deprivation bondage for him again yesterday. I seem to be addicted to this style of torture of him!! It was Nurse Nasty style this time. Those many of you who have read my journals will know, in detail, what that means for poor bitch-boy. (Yes there were lots of applications of Deep Heat embrocation cream after the pores of the little object had been opened nicely with a, so hot flannel.)

One of the many treats I subjected bitch-boy to on one of my visits to him was when I used the syringe with a pencil sized nozzle to feed my nectar down into his funnel gag. Laying on his back, with no pillow, he struggles to swallow the ‘sweet’ tasting nectar. I found I enjoyed his frantic swallowing and his almost panic-state that he might choke, just as much as inflicting the taste and degradation I was subjecting him to. I portioned out the syringe squeezes to be generous enough so that he struggled and panicked each time I delivered a fresh jet of nectar. It was such a power rush, I just had to ‘attend’ to myself after a while. I still seem to be getting worse with what I find stimulating. Never mind.

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16 Responses to Struggling to swallow

  1. georjean says:

    hello Mistress Scarlet i would love to taste your sweet nectar it made me excited reading this story

  2. Dimitris says:

    “I still seem to be getting worse with what I find stimulating” …This is so true… and it probably works both ways… for bitch-boy, I mean too… After a while, having been familiarized and appreciative of the qualities of your champagne, he will WANT to progress further through the whole delicatessen tasting experience soon enough… This is how it happened with myself… And you will find that the power-rush you describe, is getting more and more exciting when he proves to be an accomplished and eager caviar-enthusiast…

  3. david says:

    A most stimulating and arousing read i am so glad to have found Your wonderful blog what a wonderful lifestyle You lead Your partner is so extremely lucky hope one day to find myself in similar shoes

  4. subbiewayne says:

    Mistress Scarlet……Bitch-boy will get used to drinking your sweet nectar and eventually will enjoy it so much. As I said before, nectar from a PERFECT WOMAN like you will always be perfect and very sweet. And guess what???? It doesn’t cost a thing and is always available.
    Pepsi or Coke can’t match that. LOL


    Dearest Mistress Scarlet:

    I am an avid reader of Your Blog, a fan if You will permit. Currently as “worthless subhuman male” who is nothing more than a Fuckhole attached to a pathetic male cock I wonder if I may humbly (please read on my knees, naked) ask (beg):

    1) If You could post more stories of Your wonderful life. If posible a few pictures of the degradation Your lucky bitchboy has to endure (read enjoy)
    2) I wonder if it was posible that You would do Bitchboy the honour of writting his views on this most wonderfull blog.
    3) as a question do you ever allow Bitchboy to have a standard orgasm? Ever?

    I have been instructed to tell you that should my tone, questions or any lackof submissiveness offend Your august self please say so and I shall be thoroughly punished for not treating a goddess properly.

    Again Humbly at your feet.

    • 1) I am very soon publishing volume 4 of my journals, providing fine deatil accounts of many events with bitch-boy.
      2) I will think about that.
      3) What do you mean by a standard orgasm? I do, every two to four weeks, allow him a full orgasm experience (so that he knows what he is missing the rest of the time) however these orgasms are always with him in full bondage and always follow a long session of harsh dickie-discipline.

      Reagrding your post, I was offended that you did not take the time to correct the typo ‘lackof’ where you allowed two words to merge into one.


        Dearest Mistress Scarlet:

        Thank You for Your prompt reply. She (the one Woman who trains me in becoming a better slave) was mighty displeased with my typo. As promised I was severely punished, Good ol’ British discipline, no matter the excuses. At the end of this post I will detail the punishment for that infraction.

        1) I will of course aquire a copy of volume 4 of your journals.

        2) I thank You in the name of all the subs that drink of You wisdom (as Bitch Boy drinks of Your nectar).

        3) Begging Your pardon (as there can be no other way for a subhuman male to address a Goddess). As part of standard orgasm I was refering to the privilege of him inserting his “disgusting” little object in Your shrine (Most glorious Pussy). The reason I ask is because I ( and She) am a great believer of the the “carrot and the stick” the dangling of such a huge price would no doubt entice him to go to further lenghts to please You. Plus should he not mantain the levels You require you can always postpone his treat.

        4) I apologize and kiss Your feet in begging for You to continue reading as I (read: “stupid useless fuck”) forgot to ask something in my previous post. I (and She) are not very much in favour of cuckolding (lesbian cuckolding is another matter) but the reaason of this question is while Bitch Boy no doubt is thankfull for Your minstrations as Nurse Nasty, I wonder what would his oppinion be if you were to do the same things to say another male while he is helpless to do anything but watch, (surely that will increase his reverence of You and your minstrations).

        As previously mentioned I was punished: As it was a typo in a language that is not my native tongue She considered that the following should suffice

        -Several sessions of dickie discipline, by reading your blog (naked). That way my useless apendix would rise and be thoroughly punished by the pouring of extremely cold water.
        -Ruler spanking on cock (She does not do it I have to do it in front of Her as its much more degrading that way forcing myself to do it to me). And 30 testicle slaps.
        -Pouring of candles on my (pathetic little peas and ass).
        -Removal of hot water privilege for 2 weeks.

        Again at Your feet, and should any more displeasing comments or actions on my part invoke Your Ire or displeasure, please let Her know (through) this blog and She will take care of it.

        • I think I would very much enjoy the company of your Mistress when we had either bitch-boy or you to deal with.

          3) He is never allowed to fuck me. He will never fuck again for the rest of his life. I do not need that carrot to control him. He begs for me to change my mind from time to time, particularly when I am naked, but I never will.

          4) The only time I am involved with a male other than bitch-boy is when the male is owned by another Mistress and She and I agree a reciprical arrangement of doubling up on the males, one at a time. So she will visit me alone and together we deal with my bitch-boy, and on another occasion, I will visit her alone and we together deal with her male.

  6. littlebitchboy says:

    i am very curious Ma’am, why would You permanently deny Your slave from intercourse with You?

    Is this something You cover in Your journals? Do you have any other outlets for intercourse? Or are you permanently denying yourself that pleasure too? Is that something you don’t like?

    Thank you for Your time and this most wondeful blog.

    • I never deny myself anything, that would defeat the object! I am not interested in penetration. The huge pleasure(s) I get without penetration are 100% satisfying. If I did desire it, it would be with bitch-boy’s clitty inside a hollow rubber dildo, (so he did not feel a thing) or he would have a rubber dildo strapped into his mouth, or (and most likely) I would have a lesbian lover use a strap-on.

      BTW, I adore that I have created a desperate, almost emascualted, born again virgin – in bitch-boy. It is a part of his submission he cannot come to terms with, especially when he sees me naked on the bed, thighs spread waitig to be licked by him, I LIKE THAT POWER and the seriousness of it.

  7. Sara says:

    What a powerful post… you have me tenting in my dainties! 🙂

  8. Richard Bonder says:

    Oh My! You are the real deal. What a pleasure to read you. You write well. You must be smart! Hot reading!

  9. westfal says:

    You are such a true divine Sadist MsScarlet, with your pulsatingly obvious enjoyment of your b-b’s sufferings!

    Re the points above, it seems your lack of interest in PIV lovemaking in general is consistent with your evolved bi-sexual/lesbian orientation, which seems to have come to fore in recent years. Out of curiosity, was your b-b aware of your leanings to women sexual orientation, when you two first became a couple?

  10. sissy jamieanne says:

    There isn’t much i can add in the way of praise that hasn’t been said already for this most delightful post, Goddess…so, i shall just present myself on knees, nose to the floor and simply show my proper respects to You!

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