Rain and Car Washing

One of the rules is that bitch-boy must wash my car by hand every week, and vacuum out and dust the inside. This UK summer has been the wettest in living memory. Awful.

Yesterday, I ordered bitch-boy to go and do his weekly duty on my car. The car was fairly clean as I had been working from home for a few days and not using it. There was rain in the air and the forecast for the following day and week was rain, rain, rain.

bitch-boy meekly commented that the neighbours would think he was mad washing the car for it to immediately become dirty again.  He must of known what my answer would be.

‘That’s not my problem, go and get on with it.’

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8 Responses to Rain and Car Washing

  1. How perfect…just don’t you love the complete absurd things you get these men to do. They cannot help themselves can then Mistress Scarlet. Well done you..!!!

  2. georjean says:

    msscarlet i have a question i hope you can answer why are men so turned on by strong dominate women i’m a married man that has met another dominate kinky woman and i can’t help myself anymore she has me so seduced on her that i feel like i can’t be pleased by anyone else my every waking thought is about my new beautiful Mistress and it’s tearing me apart

    • I can only comment on what I have learned of bitch-boy’s nature. Perhaps it will apply to you.

      Bitch-boy was submissive while still at primary school. He remembers having fantasies about a very strict female teacher then. Before he was eleven. It is a very deep part of his core being. He is a very strong person in the vanilla world, he is a rock. BUT. When he is dominated and all decision making power taken from him, he is at peace. The more badly he is treated, the more reinforced is the feeling that all decision making power has been taking from him. So the paradox is that if he is utterly controlled, suffering, or frightened, he is at ‘peace’ in his core. (Although his body and conscious mind may be in torment.)

      The submissive feeling in him is profoundly powerful. So, he is trapped by his own inner core and I have a doll, toy and slave – to hurt, frighten, torture and exploit.

      • georjean says:

        thank you Mistress for answering my question i to at a young age new that i would be submissive to
        the women that i was attracted too. And that i would do whatever they wanted to do i don’t know why.
        Not that i wanted to be treated bad but just feel at ease when i am told what to do and i love to please
        been tearing me apart inside searching for a woman that liked taking control.

  3. westfal says:

    quite the delicious paradox for you both!

  4. cunt says:

    What I see is a man who has abandoned all self worth, and by being your ‘bitch boy’ he has shed his normal self. He’s fine with it now, but when his sex drive is gone; his way of coping, how do you think he will look back? Do you truly believe he will be fulfilled with his life? You see him as a separate entity to you, the evidence is all over your blog. You’ve basically fucked up an already fucked up individual, I would be surprised if he didn’t kill you when you’re older.

    • So many facts that you fail to take account of or refuse to see because they do not fit with what you want to be able to comment on.

      He is full of self-worth. He runs his own business very successfully and is very respected by all those in his field. He is very proud to have a younger, attractive wife. He loves his house and car which give him much satisfaction. As is made clear in the intro to each of my journals, it is he who explained to me, before we moved in together, that he had never had a fulfilling life because he has been submissive since a child, yet never been dominated, and he needed to be dominated to be fulfilled and content.

      He will look back on his life with great satisfaction, I am in no doubt of that.

      So, cunt from fuckyou.com, I think you have reached invalid conclusions.

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